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I think this Will Smith's song was popular at that time, hahaha.

Anyway, we arrived to Miami early in the morning.. This was the 1st time I had to clear customs there. The 1st time I was there was just "in transit". I was warned that the officers could give me a hard time, but they were really friendly and fun with the 2 girls, haha. I remember they asked if we were relatives and if we would party in Miami and then go to Orlando - Disneyland. Well, that was the idea ;)

The husband of Miguel's mother was waiting for us with the van - how sweet!!! Just walking out of the building into the van was long and hot!!! God bless the air conditioning!!! When we arrived to the house, they showed me my bedroom. It was so nice. They even decorated it with balloons saying: "Welcome"!

I wasn't jetlagged at all, but we preferred to take things easy the 1st day. Miguel hasn't met his mother in a year, so he wanted to spend time with family. I'd contact mine too. Mom might have been worried. I didn't use to travel much, specially abroad.... Also I used the time to contact my other friends leaving in the area.

OMG! Miami was so hot and humid. We arrived in the middle of the summer and rainy season was starting. I remember I took a shower and went outside of the house with my hair completely wet. Not even 10min later, it was dry, hahaha.

This was a laaaazy day, chilling out with friends and family. The trip would officially start the next day.

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our location
our location
Florida Map
Florida Map
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