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how many TB's could crash at this house...
It was a Monday, our hosts had to work, but not us, hehe. It was my first time there and since Miguel and Cesar regularly go there, they became the guides. Cesar was in charge of driving and decided to go to Bayside, so we'd be able to take one of the boat cruises through the bay of Miami.

The day was perfect. It was warm, but not too much, yay! It was narrated in English and in Spanish. The cruise went along Biscayne Bay. First we saw the downtown Miami skyline, the Port of Miami, etc.

Then we moved to the celebrity islands known as “Millionaires' Row.” There you could see the celebrity homes - so big and luxurious! The apartment buildings - if you could call them like that - where so lovely too. Didn't even want to think how much it'd cost living there, haha. Mmm, if I had that much money, I'd be traveling the whole time, haha.

The vessel had an air-conditioned lower salon, but the best was teh upper-deck where we were enjoying the fresh ocean breeze, perfect spot to take nice pics, hehe. Well, I didn't take so many. At that time I wasn't much into the photos, plus I didn't have a nice digital camera to make things easier... The cruise didn't last long, not even 2hrs, but it was fun, hehe.

After that we went back home to have lunch and then were hanging out with friends, just going downtown and a bit of shopping ;)

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how many TBs could crash at this …
how many TB's could crash at this…
Miamis buildings at downtown
Miami's buildings at downtown
wish it would be my house, haha
wish it would be my house, haha
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