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Location: Warsaw and Gdynia - July 08

A few days staying at a friends house in Warsaw with 5 of the best friends possible, soaking up the sights, and then a 5 hour train ride (of heat filled packed-in-like-sardines hell) to Gdynia's Open'er festival...sponsored by Heineken. And guess what, Heineken had exclusive rights to the shown by the drink choices inside the main arena....of either soft drinks...and..wait for it...Heineken! If you're like me and hate beer, you ended up growing to tolerate the stuff, although, being in Poland, the Vodka was available locally at the supermarket...just a short bus ride away from the festival grounds... was top notch and got me more than merry at the campsite before entering the main arena.

I am a festival junkie and this was my very first foreign festival...about time. And now I cannot go back English no no...for Open'er festival is open alllll night, with entertainment allllll night, until the sun rises the next morning and you're laying amongst thousands of empty squished Heineken cups. That is what festivals should be like.  Now, I compare this to Reading festival, UK...where you are CHUCKED out of the main arena come midnight, and yes yeah, camp-site parties are bedazzling, but I like the fact that at Open'er there was live music up until about 4am. Definitely good value for money, and considering the Open'er ticket was £50 compared to £150 for Reading, I feel I got a pretty good deal! And adding the £70 return flight and free accomodation (friends house in Warsaw and then tent), and the fact Vodka is high quality yet dead cheap...I made a huge saving! Furthermore, the coast is within walking distance of the festival, and with Poland being 10 times hotter than England in July, you can chill on the beach during the day before the acts start :D
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