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It might be a little stupid to post a travel blog about a city only 45 km from my hometown, but yet here it is :) I'm doing my internship in Brussels since February, and to my surprise I was quite impressed by the city.

To be honest, Brussels doesn't have a great image here in Belgium: lots of slums, traffic, dirt, noise, unfriendly people, crime, construction yards, smog,... you name it. And that was exactly how I felt about it. For example: arriving in the Brussels Central station is a nightmare. It is located underground, in a dark, ugly, smelly tunnel - and the whole building is old and deteriorated. Thinking about the fact that all tourists arrive here, just embarrasses me. So I never went to Brussels before, except for visiting exhibitions and shows, or to take the Thalys train to Paris.

But since a month I work here, and I found that not all area's are ugly and crowded. Every time I walk around the "Marollen" quarter and the area surrounding the central station, it makes me feel like a tourist. Every day I discover new corners or squares. So many languages are spoken, and not only by visitors. Lots of people working in Brussels speak English, most inhabitants speak French (or Arab), and I'm from the Flemish part of Belgium. Therefore, sometimes I have to order or buy something explaining myself in sign language, which really makes me feel like a foreigner in my own country. But it's fun and after some day's, I really started to love it.

So that's why I'm writing a blog about it. I've noticed that most people who visit Belgium just pass by Brussels and then leave. Though I still think that there are many more beautiful places to be seen than this, now I understand it a little bit more. I'm going to post some pictures I took soon. I wanted to take them in sunshine, but I had to derive a digital camera and by the time I got it sunny days were over... To bad, but the pictures will be uploaded anyway.

tvillingmarit says:
I like your blog, and it shows that it is stupid to stick to your first impression.
Posted on: Nov 24, 2007
Pearl510 says:
Jep that's true. That's exactly how I think about it. When I walk around there I almost feel like I'm on a hollyday :)
Posted on: Mar 23, 2007
jatk007 says:
i literally laughed when i read this =) your descriptions are so funny. "sometimes I have to order or buy something explaining myself in sign language" that is so wierd i have never expericed anything like that in australia, i think that would be really funny. but for me that is one of the things that i love about brussels, there are so many different cultures/people.
Posted on: Mar 22, 2007
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photo by: Vlindeke