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Day 1: February 16, 2009 During orientation of the MSID program I remember looking around wondering who was going to get sick first. It took about a week for the first case to come about and slowly more and more began falling ill. It came to the point where I was just waiting for my turn. Today at school five of my classmates where home sick with fevers and GI related problems. As I observed my peers during our morning class I realized I was the only one who has not yet been terribly sick. It was short lived. My number was up in no time. My stomach was a little upset this morning but I figured it would go away. It has not. I must have spoke to soon and jinxed it. I haven’t thrown up but I feel nauseous and I’m awaiting the on set of diarrhea.
My poop still has a relatively good consistency, like that of soft serve, but give it time. I’m laying in bed in the fetal position. 4:41pm 4:50pm Okay, I lied. I just threw up. It was awesome, let me tell you… I’m not sure if the toilet had been flushed since the last use but I hope it was, because after I felt my stomach heave-ho today’s lunch out I got to experience the cool toilet water splash upon my brow. It was pretty gross but I do feel better. I’m sure that was the first of many visits to bathroom. Thank God school ended early because I would hate to be stuck there throwing up in a bathroom with a leaky toilet you can’t flush. I can’t imagine kneeling in a puddle of standing toilet water. I have never been so happy to be sick at another person’s house.
I’m also glad that I’m throwing up instead of having diarrhea because in India you are not supposed to flush your toilet paper down the piping. If you do, it may clog the toilet so you must to throw it away. It doesn’t sound bad but our bathroom is connected to our bedroom and the garbage is only taken out every couple of days. With the temperature rising I don’t really think it would give off the fresh aroma of glade plug-ins one would hope for. Since I don’t want to do that my other option I can use for cleaning myself is the built in bidet I doubt it would be sufficient. It shoots straight forwards, ricocheting water off the front of the bowl and onto you. If you turn it too low it trickles into the rest of the water.
If you turn it up to much it shoots out of the bowl between the seat and the plaster. Anyway, that is why I prefer to vomit. Day 2: February 17, 2009 I am home from school because I my stomach has yet to settle down. I showed up to class for 20 minutes or so then headed back to my bed to lay in the fetal position for a while. Last night was not very pleasant but somewhat amusing. My host mother was excessively checking my forehead for a temperature. She very worried for me and insisted I call the doctor. I told my family my condition was not severe enough to request medical attention and all I needed was time and a little more rest. Apparently my plea was not convincing enough because I later found myself calling the doctor. I was instructed to take Domstal, O2, Cyclobam and drink Electrical to prevent me from getting dehydrated. I was hoping she wouldn’t prescribe anything and just tell me to get some rest. I feel like every time I would get sick at home with a stomach ailment my father would often suggest some type of medicine to help with the nausea. I can only remember those instances ending with me throwing it up shortly after ingesting. So I was dreading the return of my youngest brother who was sent to the pharmacy to pick up the medicine. While I anxiously waited for his return my mother insisted I try some of her home remedies. She made me a tall glass of hot water with lemon juice and told me to drink it. While I struggled to finish my soured water she promptly handed me a small plate with a lemon half slightly cooked covered with black salt. She instructed me to squeeze and lick the lemon on my to my tongue several times and swallow. After every lick more salt was applied. It was horrible and I slowly felt more and more green. All I wanted was to avoid putting any substance into my body, water alone was enough to send me to sandbox and there I was putting acidic juices into my system. My brother’s errand took only fifteen minutes. I spent ten of those fifteen pacing back and forth from one end of the house to the other at my mothers request. We paced together side by side in silence. I felt like we were bonding. The walking did help settle my stomach a little but my back was sore and achy, so we stopped and was told to sit in yoga pose with my back straight. At this point, I eventually began telling myself I was participating in an intense weight loss program. Anyway, I am surviving but no wait has been lost.
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photo by: oxangu2