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The tour had now finished but the kids had a few extra days in Lima like me. I said goodbye to Sarah, Mike, Thea, Carolina, and Andrea. We couldnt afford the hotel we were so walked around the toen to find something cheaper, we booked into a hostel in Milaflores, a really nice district popular with tourists. Spend the day on the  beach, i was really looking forward to topping up my tan but as we walked down to the beach there was lots of fog, it was really wierd, you could see it creeping up the street from the sea, i was told Lima has really bad air quality and im not sure if this was the reason but when we got to the beach it was really smoggy, it was hot though and Kaitlan wanted to surf so we sat and watched her, the beach was a pebble beach not the most comfortable so resorted to a stone throwning competition in the end!

Day2. Today the kids were leaving for new Zealand, i chilled out with them for a while in the hostel before they left. It was great that they were travelling at 18, if i would have started at their age im sure i would have been to many more places, but im glad to have the opportunity to do it now at my age (28) i feel like i have got more out of the experience, partying everywhere is not my number one priority (well not always) and i have enjoyed other things like visiting the cathederdals, taking a walk on the beach at sunset, or just reading a book. Learning the language too and talking to local people, all these things would have been missed at my younger age i feel. The kids got out of it there own amazing experiences though and i was happy to meet them all. It was good being back in a hostel, it always feel more like a home. Even though it wasnt the nicest or cleanest place it had a good vibe. Its great being able to use the kitchen and not have to eat out all the time, i had been craving beans on toast for a while and finally found a tin of beans in the supermarket (not popular here) only when i got in the kitchen i realised there was no toaster, and not grill, so had to put the bread in oven, it was still good. And i could make a cuppa when i wanted or watch i bit of tv. The lounge wasnt the best, two sofa beds pushed together as the seating area and the terrace was more of a dumping group for broken furniture but there was always someone to chat to and the staff were nice. After the kids left i moved to my own private room, it was right nextdoor the local nightclub and so from 8pm the sound of international and peruvian music would burst through the walls.

Day3. Today is my last day in South America and i awoke to a smile on my face.. i was going home. Its not that i wanted to go home, i could happily have stayed another 6 months in the wonderful continent, but a few days before leaving for home i think you prepare yourself for it and was excited to see my family and friends again, and sleep in my lovely bed. I took one last walk down to the beach, it was only a 15 min walk but i was beeped at over 20 times by driver drivers, Lima is the worst for it they beep and slow down shouting 'taxi' 'taxi' even when you say no. In the UK you have to wave your arms like a lunatic only to be ignored but here you cant get away from them! The beach was clear today and i spend a few hours finishing my latest book. When i had finished i watched the surfers and thought back over my last 2 months and how it all started, the crazy city of Rio during carnival. It was good to spend time with damian and dad, but i looked at Rio as a holiday and my travels didnt really start until igot my first bus ride to Iguazu. The waterfalls were simpily breathtaking, the force of the water sent butterflies in my stomach. Florianopolis was a turning pinted for me. I doubted that i could travel on my own, if i was outgoing enough to party with strangers, i realised there i was, i was confident with the person i was and felt happy to do this alone. This allowed my time in Buenos Aires to be great, i met up with Jona but pretty much explored the city on my own, and what a great city, id like to say the best but im always changing my mind. Bolivia will always be special to me, i spent the shortest amount of time here but the salt flats tours was the best thing i did along with the Inca trail and i simply loved the tour, it was made extra special because of the people i was with, my group was great and Alfredo and Marley made my trip outstanding. The nicest people i had met on my travels and will always be in my heart. My homestay in Puno was so heartwarming and a great experience too. Peru in general was action packed and non stop, offering the jungle, the coast, the mountains and the desert. Machu Pichuu was the hardest physical thing ive even done but by far the most rewarding and one of my all time travelling highlights.

Viva Suramerica (long live South America)..

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photo by: rsvpme