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My main worry on this trip was not for my safety, or that i would run out of money but that i would not meet any friends. This is virtually impossible unless you are a right weirdo (and then its still possible) Its not problem. Everyone is here for the same reason, to travel and see the world. You have a common interest and so its easy to start a conversation with Joe Bloggs in the street, on the bus, at the beach. Within a couple of hours of talking to two English Girls Miriam and Jess in an internet cafe i had booked a bus for the following morning to spend a couple of days in Buzios with them. I had no idea of where it was or what it had to offer but who cares i had time to kill and now i had company to kill it with.

I said my goodbyes to Damian and headed to the bus station for the 3 hours ride. Even though i was with the girls i had to find my own accomodation, their dorm was full so i booked in a posada (guest house) on the beach, wow its was amazing, a little bungalow with a balcony looking over the pool, one bedroom and a little kitchen area, bathroom all for 8 quid, bargain! My check in experience could have gone better to be honest. The lady didnt speak English  and so with my no portuguese it was doomed from the start, after a hell of alot of hand movements and signing i only just got by

Hooooow muuuuuch peeeeer niiiiiight? = Rubbing fingers together followed by pretending to sleep

Whaaaaat tiiiiime iiiiis breeeeeakfast? Pointing to my non existant watch followed by pretending to eat with a knife and fork.

All this was demonsrated and spoken in really loud and sloooooow english, why is beyond me because i knew she didnt understand English but i did it anyway! As i lay in bed at night for the first time i felt alone, i had only just left Damian and i figured this was normal. Doubts crept into my mind of travelling alone, was i stupid not to take up offers from people at home to travel with? I decided to go solo because i thought i would get more out of the experience, i would have to meet new people and would be more out of my comfort zone challenging me more. As i heard the waves crashing on the beach outside i put my temporary loneliness to one side and fell asleep.

The next day was spend all day on the beach, it was so different to Rio, quiet and pieceful in the morning, a few surfers. By afternoon it was half full with families, there was no sense of danger and i felt safe with my camera and purse on the beach with me. They call Buzios the St Tropez of Brazil, it reminded me of Ibiza town so much, lovely restuarants and expensive boutiques they even had a Pacha nightclub. I was so glad i went it was a really cool place, the girls were lovely and that evening we ate in a thai restuarant which cost more that 3 nights accomodation, but never mind ill budget tommorow (my motto of the trip so far). Day after took the bus back to meet dad in Rio...


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photo by: twilk76