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Strikes in Bolivia and Peru are very common, disagreements over roads land and money are the main cause. Today we are due to take a bus for 7 hours from Puno to Cusco. We were informed that the road was closed due to a strike, we had 3 options 1.Wait until the strike ends which could be 3 days 2.Pay for a flight to cusco 3.Get permission to use the alternate road. Option 3 was out best bet of getting there and Manuel managed to get us on a bus via the other road, it would cost an entra $30 but at least we were on our way. Set off at 8am, the bus was fine but the road was less desirable, really bumpy in places and clinging to the edge of the hills, we weaved in and out through the valleys. The toilet was also a problem, because of the constant bumps the pee ended up all over the floor, the smell was so strong someone complained and the bus driver eventually stopped and cleared it up. The journey was long and we eventually arrived in Cusco at 9.30pm. As soon as the doors opened to get our bags the smell of pee was so strong, i checked my backpack and it was soaked in it! The bags had been right under the leaking toilet for 12 hours. The bus driver didnt seem too bothered and just shrugged. Manuel promised to get our packs and clothes cleaned as soon at we got to the hotel, it was disgusting! Manuel was nice, but i just didnt click with him, the kids we happy because he was fun and took them to play pool, but on  more serious basis he was hopeless, i dont think his english was good enough to have a conversation with, he could joke around but not anything else, so found this quiet fustrating. His favourite aying was "why not" said in his quirky english/spanish accent this was quiet funny.

rigbydavid1 says:
Yuk.........hope you smell better now !!!
Love Dad xxx.
Posted on: Apr 11, 2009
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