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We travelled through Ica to go on the huge dunes, we would continue onto Pisco in the evening but for today it was all about the dunebuggies, these were so much fun. The group split in half, 8 people in each buggy. It was so good as the driver sped across the sand up and down the massive dunes, at the top of some we all got out and sandboarded down, i didnt risk trying to do it on my feet and went down on my belly, ace. The sand was boiling hot and it felt as though the rubber on my pumps were melting. After a few hours we drove back to the hotel we were using, showered and had a swim before driving on to Pisco. Our tour guide was from Pisco and so he had previously spoke about the devastation that was caused by an earthquake in 2007. The earthquake was recorded at 8.0 magnitude and killed over 500 people. Luckily it happened in the morning as many people had left there houses for work or there would have been alot more fatalities, Manuel told me how he ran back to the house to check on his family but they were fine thank god. Driving around the evidence is clear everywhere, bricks still lay in a heap where a house once was. I did notice lots of new brick walls everywhere, Manuel explained they were put up by the goverment to look like work has been made to restore the town but behind the walls are nothing, really sad. We visited a vineyard that sells Pisco Sour, this is a local drink very popular all over Peru. I couldnt drink it because its made with egg whites and im allegic. I did try the alcohol thou as it was being distilled, the kids kept our bringe drinking culture alive by all downing 76% alcohol from the drums, but soon regretted it when they had, yuk!

Day2. Me, Sarah and Andrea took an optional excursion to the Ballestas Islands. A speedboat which took us to see many Sealions, Penguins and birds on the island. There were thousands of birds and the poo is still collected and sold as fuel. Workmen live on the island for 4 months at a time collecting it, i imagined that has got to be one of the worst jobs ever! Saw baby sealions sleeping on the rocks, so cute. In the afternoon we went to the square for lunch, i ordered a seafood risotto, it was only half way though that i noticed a snail on my plane, blaaaah horrible. I didnt realise sea snails were in it, i didnt eat them no way. I left it and asked for the bill, ha. We had to take a bus to Lima, so not long after Lunch ordered taxis to the terminal. Our taxi driver was a maniac, no seatbelt on, a huge crack in his windscreen, driving so fast down an unpaved bumpy road over taking cars with a car coming in the other direction, ive experienced some crazy driving over her but this was mad!! The coach journey was on a local bus which was ok, there was a couple of spanish films on with english subtitles whichwas good to once again practice the language. After checking into the hotel we all got ready for a night, it was our offical last night of the tour and so we all put money in an envelope for Manuel, even though i only though he was ok i tipped the recommended amount, later i found out some other people had only tipped half the recommended amount and found this really unfair considering they liked him and thought he did i great job. The night good, we all danced to dodgy music and drank fair too much so a typical night, ha!

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