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Nazca was only relevant to tourists because of the famous lines that lay here in the desert, other than that theres nothing really to do in the town. The landscape is really baron, houses made of woven straw, and rubbish everywhere. The hotel was nice though and there was a huge swimming pool, but we couldnt check in until 10am and that was quite a few hours off so we decided to do the days activities straight away which was a flight over the Nazca lines. They are located in the desert, a high dry plateau that stretches more than 80 km  between the towns of Nazca and Palpa. These are largely believed to have been created by the Nazca culture before 200 BC. There are hundreds of individual figures, hummingbirds, spiders, monkeys, llamas, and lizards. The lines are shallow designs in the ground where the reddish pebbles that cover the surrounding landscape have been removed, revealing the whitish earth underneath. The largest are over 200 m across. The dry, windless, stable climate of the desert has preserved the lines to this day. The flight was only $60 which i thought was a bargain so did the safety briefing and headed our to our light aircraft, when i seen it i nearly changed my mind. It only held 5 people including the captain! I felt nervous just looking at it, you wouldnt think i work in an aircraft everyday but this one was tiny. The take off was smooth and i was suprised how much i enjoyed it at first, we circled the figures and took pictures, it was only on the way back when he asked Lizzy if she wanted to fly the plane!!.. What the hell, the plane dropped and was swerving everywhere, i was nearly sick. Lizzy was screaming to do some more aerodynamics, he dropped the aircraft again and twisted round and round, everyone but Lizzy was green she was laughing! As i got out my legs where all over the place, i loved it but im not sure my stomach would agree!

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photo by: ulysses