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Met up with dad today back in Rio, it was really good to see him, he was really tired from the flight so we chilled and made plans for the following morning. Monica and Claudio picked us up really early to take a drive up to the Tijuca rainforest. Its amzing that just 15 minutes drive from the hussle and bussle of the city there is such a beautiful place with waterfalls, butterflies, birds and i even stopped a few monkeys. There were lots of walking and climbing routes even somewhere to handglide down to the beach. It was so quiet it hurt my ears! Really nice to spend a few hours driving up there and walking around. As we drove back along the beach it was clear to see how the rich and poor live so close together, as i took a picture of one of the beaches i could see the Sheraton hotel just across the road from the Favelas.

Almost all cities has rich and poor areas and it was amazing to see them here side by side.

Today was the final of the Rio Football League. I had already seen Resende beat Flamengo and now they had a chance to see them win the cup if they beat Botafogo. But they we the underdogs with very few supporters. We took a tour like i did last time and a coach picked us up at the hotel. There was a group of about 15 people. The tour guide was making me laugh, he seemed dipsy and couldnt work out if everyone was on the bus, it was only when we got to the stadium he realised he had left two people back in the city! We had to wait for them to arrive so in the meantime he asked us if we wanted to do a sweepstake to guess the final score.

The money would be collected and the winner would receive 60% of the winning, 20% went to the driver and 20% to him to buy a sandwich and a drink, this made me laugh! But we did it anyway. The staduim was almost full this time, all Botafogo supporters, as we were escorted to out seats it was like being thrown into the lions den, everyone was staring. Not in a scary way, they were all friendly enough but its just daunting being in such an atmosphere. Me and dad got into the swing of things, alot of the chants were the same as enligh ones only sang in portuguese. The atmosphere was once again fantastic, huge flags being waved everywhere. Botafogo won 3-1. Everytime they scored the fan all took of their shirts and were waving them around over their heads.
Spirits were high on leaving and everyone was singing it was great to experience that again.

Dads palette is shall we say well boring, he likes what he likes and he likes Steak and chips, thats pretty much it! So as we passed the thai, chinese, and italian restuarnts he didnt even flinch. Soon as i found a Grill place we took our seats so dad could order his steak and chips, hehe. We enjoyed the company around us, it seemed like a very popular restaurant. There seemed to be lots of men dining and drinking alone, and also lots of girls who i thought were very dressed up for a sunday night. I thought the men must have been locals because everyone seemed to know eachother, very friendly girls chatting to the lonely men, how nice of them. But when the small fat and bald man seemed to get lucky with the tall, thin and blonde lady it clicked..They were protitutes! And me and dad were dining in some kind of brothel restaurant..Good steak thou :)

rigbydavid1 says:
..........and how many times did we go back there ???
Love Dad !!!
Posted on: Mar 07, 2009
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