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Today i will make my way to see the Iguazu falls from the Argentinian and Brazilian border. This would involve my first long distance bus journey, 6 hours to Sau paulo and then 14 hours to Iguazu. The buses here are amazing, like 1st class on a plane , big seats that fully recline into beds, free food and drink, movies, i was really impressed. All i needed now was a really hot guy to keep me company. A few less desirable people walked past, but then to my suprise a really hot American guy took the seat next to me and introduced himself as Mick, bonus. I started to watch the film and then fell asleep, when waking up i checked my watch and 3 hours had passed, excellent. But not so, i was informed by my new friend Mick that we had broke down and been stuck at the side of the road for 2 1/2 hours, arr! My connection to Iguazu was for sure going to be missed now, gutted because i had paid upfront.

I didnt really want to stay in Sau paulo for the night, Mick told me he was meeting some friends in Florianopolis and invited me to go with him, i then remembered that a friend of mine had recommended that i go there, i was told it was a highlight of Brazil and had completley forgotten, i read more about it in my lonely planet and decided i needed to go here, this involved a huge detour. I thought i would leave it to fate, if i missed my connection i would go to Flora and if not i would leave it and go to Iguazu. My bus was due to leave at 6pm and i arrived at the bus terminal at 6.20pm. Mick ran to the platform for me and the bus had left but then i seen it parked across the road, ran over and was told i could board. At least i didnt lose my money, i say by goodbyes to mick and got ready for the second leg of my journey.
The bus journey was ok, i managed to sleep for a good while but when i arrived at the hostel i was shattered. I couldnt check in until 1pm and it was only 10am. The reception staff told me there was a tour leaving to see the falls in 10 mins and that i could go. So i jumped on the bus and headed out of Brazil for the first time and crossed over in Argentina. There was a group of 9 people in total. Its so daunting meeting new people all over again but they were all really nice. A norwegian couple Maria and Chris, 3 dutch friends, Meika, frank and Owein , 2 newzealanders Allie and Isabella and an english girl Trisha. Trisha was really friendly (god i thought that i could talk) She was heading the same route as me and within a couple of hours had kinda invited herself to travel with me for the next few weeks, celebrating her birthday in Buenos Aires etc, mmm.

The Iguazu falls are mind blowing. 275 individual falls all flowing from Curita to the Atlantic ocean. You take an amazing photo from one angle and round the corner is another amazing shot. It is the best natural sight i have even seen. We all took a speedboat which takes you under the main waterfall (devil throat) which was crazy we got soaked! Spent the rest of the day exploring the falls and surrounding national park, taking trains, walking trails and taking a jeep tour, it was a really hot day and i was ready for a good sleep. But when we got back to the hostel Maria suggested we go to the supermarket and buy food for a BBQ, the hostel was cool, swimming pool, bar BBQ area loads of sofas and hammocks.

There was like lots of places a honesty system, this means you just help yourself to food and drink, internet etc. You just write on the blackboard what you have had and you get charged at the end of your stay, it great because it makes you feel more at home, but not so great if you decide to play a drinking game, we started with the loser having a drink of their own drink but then we all decided to take the bottle of vodka from the bar, by 11pm it was empty! And we were all in search of the local nightlife. Iguazu is really small  not much going on really, but we were pointed in the right direction of the most popular "nightclub" Old school is not even the word to describe how bad it was, i felt like i had gone back in time, they were playing the beatles and music form the 60s and 70s, nothing modern.
Everyone was dancing and having a good time but i couldnt believe this is all the locals have to look forward it of a weekend, ha. there was a group of local teenagers outside, they all wanted a photo with me, i couldnt work out if they were taking the mikey out of me but they seems really nice and took us to a burger place after, all eager to ask questions about were we are all from etc. I woke up with a huge headache, but soldiered on a went to see the Brazilian side of the falls, it was a smaller area but still nice and luckily only took a couple of hours. Since reading about florionopolis it was still on my mind i really wanted to go, i checked the bus times and there was a bus leaving that evening it would take 14 hours it meant i was going back on myself but i thought it was worth it. Trisha wasnt too happy that i have now changed my route, i was kinda releaved :)

cthunder86 says:
awesome photos and information.
Posted on: Feb 23, 2012
rigbydavid1 says:
Oh, thats OK then !!!
Love Dad xxx.
Posted on: Mar 12, 2009
deboraaah says:
Im sight-seeing...men! Its a natural wonder of the world dont you know!? ha.
Posted on: Mar 10, 2009
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