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This evening i took the 14 hour bus journey to Florianopolis, i was accompanied by Willy a big german guy who was playing drinking games with us, he was really nice but i couldnt understand a word he was saying, he was really softly spoken and didnt have the best english, i just nodded and smiled alot, he was lovely though. Willy was upstairs on the coach in a standard seat but i bought an executive seat, which basically meant i was downstairs in a smaller area where the seat turned into full on beds, they were amazing. There was only me, two portuguese people and two english lads. Not long into the journey one of the lads decided to put a film on his laptop, without headphones! It was really starting to get on my nerves, but being a typical english person i sat there for 20 mins listening to gunshots and helicopter noises.

But i couldnt bear it any longer so i tapped him on the shoulder and asked him to turn it down or put his headphones in. I couldnt believe those words actually came out of my mouth, he explained he had lost his headphones but said he wold turn it off if it bothered me, i said it did. He turned it off and said it was no problem. I sat back in my seat and instantly felt guilty, and contemplated telling him to put it was on, but i didnt. Its not like ill ever see them again. The bus journey was great i sleep most of the way and felt refreshed on arriving in Flora. Me and Willy took to bus, i was fed up of paying for taxi fares everywhere. It would have been approx 20 pound in a taxi and it was 50p on the bus, it did take ages but it was nice to see more of the island.
This place has lots of little fishing villages, mountians surrounding huge lagoons, massive sand dunes spread along loads of beautiful beaches with great surf, you can scuba dive, surf, sandboard, cliff jump, rock climb you name it they have it. We arrived an hour later in the hostel only to find the two english lads in the reception, ha. He laughed at me that they had been here 45 mins ahead of us but when i told them the bus fare they shut up. They were really nice to be honest, from London called Adam and Chris. We all waited to check in, Willy didnt stay he said it was too much like a party hostel and wanted something quieter. He left. A 24 year old aussie guy was also waiting his name was Paul, he asked if we fancied going for a walk while we waited to check in, so we took one of the trails to a secluded cove not far from the hostel, it was so nice there was only us there! the lads ran back to get some surf boards and i had my second attempt ever at surfing, it was such a laugh, its easy enough to catch the wave but standing up was near impossible for me and getting back out over the huge waves was so tiring! I give up after a couple of hours and watched the 3 lads compete with eachother.
After checking in a had a wonder around the hostel, i heard i really strong Manchester accent coming from the bar, it was from a lad called Jay. He was travelling when he visited Floria, he loved it so much he got a job working in the bar and hasnt been home since, that was a year ago! Its rare you meet northern english people travelling, its generally people from the south so it was really good to have a laugh with Jay. He joined us and the 3 lads for dinner in a lovely little fish resturant on the lagoon. Then we went back and had drink at the hostel.

Day2 Today has been a funny old day, I woke up feeling a little down, my arms were aching so much from surfing and mixed with a slight hangover this made me feel a little bit gutted that i was here on my own.

Like i said before its easy to make friends but then i know im leaving for somehwere new and having to do it all over again. Im not the most social person anyway, i prefer one to one conversations more and its hard to find that sometimes. The hostel was a party hostel and everyone was in big group enjoying themselves, i found it hard today to get involved with everyone and felt a little left out. I knew it was just a bad day, it was still raining and there was nothing much to do. I went to the laundrette with Adam to do my washing, i told him how i was feeling and we had a good chat, i got an email back from dad telling me to savour every moment and its true. With my freshly washed clothes i walked back to the hostel for an early night. In the dorm was Pierre, i really cool french guy who i had been talking to the night before, he was really tired from talking in english with people, he found it hard to concentrate all the time.
So he took some time out and whilst i packed my clothes away and listened to him play his guitar and sing in French i realised everyone has there struggles along the way.

jenbuck says:
hi deb jenny and i have just been looking at your amazing photos of the waterfalls,looks like your having a great time.cookers packed in since you've been gone and i've lost a stone in weight,missing your cooking!!sky plus is nearly full so you'll have plenty to catch up on when you come home.speak to you soon.lots of love mum xxx kisses from me to xxx
Posted on: Mar 14, 2009
rigbydavid1 says:
Glad to hear you feeling a little better, read my e-mail about Deal or No Deal.
Your not missing much over here, take care and Love you Loads, Dad xxx.
Posted on: Mar 12, 2009
amyian says:
Hi Debs,

Long time no speak sorry, been awful at work. Really enjoyed reading last few blogs, had me laughing with parts. Miss you loads and stay away from the "hot guys"!!!

Love you lots

Ian and Amy xx
Posted on: Mar 11, 2009
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