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hangovers plus altitude plus long journeys is the worst possible mixture. After a couple of hours sleep and a banging head i didnt fancy the 5 hour coach journey ahead of me! We had a tour leader and she was really enthusiastic and keen to tell us all about the colca canyon but within 10 mins on the coach we were all asleep! we stayed in a place called Chivay which a small village in the colca canyon national park, by the time we got to the hostel we were all still abit rough and just chilled at the hotel, the sun was shining and so i sat out on the patio, before dinner me and a couple of the girls went to the hot springs which were really nice.

The colca canyon in some parts is twice as deep at the grand canyon in the US only not as vertical. One of the reasons we had come here was to spot the worlds largest bird, the condor. With a wingspan between 9 to 10 fth this was worth a look, the following morning we woke early at 5am, it was an hour drive and the best sightings were in the morning. The bus journey was more enjoyable this time, the canyon was full of beautiful colours from the rocks. We all got a stop to wait for the birds, the guide told us not to be too hopeful because this wasnt the best season to see them. After an hour of waiting we were all getting quiet bored, we made bets on what time the first bird would be seen and when all the times past we decided to say if they hadnt come out by 10am we would go. At around 9am we stopped something, everyone got all exciting all started taking photos, the guide then told us this wasnt a condor and just a smaller vulture. But then within 10 mins there was around 7 condors all flying around the canyon below, as they glided past it was unbelieveable to see how big they actually were! I took photo after photo trying to get some good shots, it was great to see it out in its natural enviroment. After an hour we headed back to the coach, we drove all the way back to Arequipa which took about 6 hours. The condors were great to see but we had travelled for 2 days, and i thought maybe i would have prefered to stay in Arequipa. If we had more time the first day i probably would have liked to have hiked on the canyon but it wasnt possible. Back in Arequipa we all wentto the supermarket and bought food and drink for the BBQ, had a great night up in the terrace with the group, the group of kids from the UK where travelling onto New Zealand and Australia after here and i was so jealous that my journey was coming to an end.

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Colca Canyon
photo by: Vlindeke