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The bus journey to La Quinta was horrible, the bus was falling to pieces for a start. Nothing like previous buses i have travelled on. My luck had run out on all accounts because i was sat next to a big, fat smelly man! He snored the whole way. The bus was also frezzing and i only had my flipflops on. There were also too many people on the bus, so people were sat on the floor, i didnt go to the toilet incase someone took my seat. There was also an ongoing confusion with seat no 53 behind me, a lady was sat in it originally but everytime someone new got on it was always their seat so someone had to move, this went on for the entire journey, only to discover at the end that she was on the wrong bus! The only one good thing was they put an english film on and i was at right next to the tea machine so i got through, just! I got chatting to a couple from Ireland Paul and Joanne, they were heading over the border too so we met up with Flower and Barbara who was on bus with her. The walk was 100m to the border but this was a huge struggle, we were at a high altitude now (3000m) and it was hard just to breathe, when we arrived we were all gasping for breath! We border crossing was fine, we just exited Argentina and then entered Bolivia, i have never walked across a border before it was cool, but my head was pounding now. Flower gave us all some altitude sickness pills, one of the side affects is peeing alot. The bus to Tupiza was 3 hours and proved rather difficult, there was no toilet and my bladder was gonna burts, i didnt want to ask the driver to stop so waited untill someone else did. 1 hour in a lady was being sick, the bus driver stopped so she could get off, i seized the chance and experienced on the many "bano natural" basically peeing outside wherever you could find. When you gotta go, you gotta go...
I saw a huge difference in people once i crossed the border, for the first time on my travels i felt like i was in South America, not really many european influences, people faces were darker and pureblood, ladies in traditional dress, huge red skirts and black bowler hats. As soon as we got to Tupiza we all checked into the nearest hostel and headed into town to book the salt flats tour. We went to many agents all offering similar tours, but none offering a 3 day duration which was best for me, only 4 day tours. I decided to do it but would need to go tommorow and have my bus booked to La Paz, that would get me there just as my tour with GAP started, i thought it was worth it so decided on Tupiza Tours. Me and Barbara decided to stick together, we needed 2 or 3 more people to fill the jeep and we were sorted. The agent said there was 3 people coming from La Paz and would arrive at 8am, the tour left at 9am, this was pushing it really and i doubted it they would want to do it after a 13hours bus journey. We waited to see if anyone else came in the office, 30 mins later 3 people came in an inquired about the tour, we explained we needed 3 for the jeep. They were happy to go 5 in the jeep, but the agent didnt seem happy, so needed someone to go in the other jeep with the La Paz people, eventually she agreed and we left for dinner. One of the reception staff recommended a local resturant, as we walked the few streets to find it i noticed that each street had a photocopy place, a hairdressers, and a farmacia, there was about 10 streets with the same shops, so strange for such a small town! the restaurant was very green inside with pictures of hollywood stars on the walls, not what i imagined but decided to give it a go. The food turned out to be fantastic, i had Llama for the first time, it was delicious. I washed it down with a couple of bottles of Coca Cola and all for ....80p!

deboraaah says:
Glad to hear your enjoying reading my blog Amy, its hard work trying to get it on the internet especially when its really slow in some places, but it will be worth it when i can read it back when im home. I am having probs putting pics on because it takes so much time. Love to you both too xxxx

Yes Dad im on the tour now, its nice to have everything organised for me and everything is perfect so far, staying in hotels which is suprising. Inca Trail in 7 days, im dreadin git, i cant even go up stairs without being out of breath! Love you loads xxx
Posted on: Mar 24, 2009
amyian says:
Hia Deb! Nightmare bus journey :( But at least you got to walk across the border, albeit out of puff and dying for a wee! Loving reading about your travels. Sounds like the trip of a lifetime! And the pics on FB are ace. Stay safe and see ya soon. Lots of love, Amy and Ian xxx
Posted on: Mar 23, 2009
rigbydavid1 says:
Hi Debs,
Nice to hear from you again and also reading your great blogs. Presume you've joined the tour now, hopefully you can take it a little easier from now on? Continue to take care.
Love you lots, Dad xxx
Posted on: Mar 22, 2009
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