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Nee How folks (that how you say hello folks in chinese) (i dont know the word for folks yet but i'll ask some chink - this place is full of them.)
Arrived on monday morn after about 10hr flight which was loads of craic, especially when they went up and down the cabin spraying insecticide - i think someone tipped them off about Niall's crabs.

Met up with the Hood's mate Dermy whose been livin over here for 8 mths - godsend, dunno what we're gonna do without him when we move on. its deadly havin someone speak chinese and gettin you all the best stuff. the one night when we went for dinner ourselves and didn't know what to order we got totally ripped off - 85 yuan each!!! (about 4.50) every other night its usually abou 30 yuan (2 quid!!!). this usually include about 3 meat dishes, loads of veg, rice and 2 beers for the boys! totally mad.

When we arrived it was straight off to dermy's penthouse appartment to drop our bags, then for our first feed of beijing duck and peougots (beers). we followed that up with an hour long massage (fully clothed) but good for easing the aches of the flight. Then we decided
to go find the hostel that we'd booked, after walking round for ages we eventually found the shithole, but oh no! there'd been a mistake and they'd over booked so they whisked us off to the ultimate jade hostel, right in the heart of everything and immaculate.

had a quiet on that night as we wanted to go see some famous wall in china. think its called "the good wall of china" anyway next day the boys get up all ready to hit the wall but no sign of Dermy, turns out the beer he had with us the night before was his first for a month, yeah he got the taste for it.  Come 11 he turned up looking the worst for the wear, with the wall out of the question. So it was off to the forbidden city (which you're allowed into now) for the white Paddies, fairly interesting especially with the audio commentary by roger moore, got loads of similar pictures.  Mongolian food was the order of the day with everyman eating out the same pot cause everyone knows how much we love sloppy seconds! 

Not last time on the tour Raff was less than impressed with the cuisine.
Acrobatic show was next on the itinery with Paul's dodgey tours, very impressive, every man thought of the crazy sex positions you could get into with the lady gymnasts excepts gay seamey. Hood apart, the boys head for an early night as they're heading for the wall the next day  Hood in his relentless pursuit of peugoets heads for a nodding session with koreans and Dermy not to return until 1.30.

everybody is ready for the road at 7.30am, even grumpy seamey.  Oh yes, the swedish girls are for the wall too, along with English Katie who we met the previous evening. The wall is fantastic although seamey begins his nomad ways which become of feature of the tour, when he breaks off with the Hood.  The remaining 4 are worried about them when they meet up with Katie and the Swedish chicks (the girls all look really well all sweaty and skimply clad and we forget about the missing Paddy 2 for a while) the girls inform us that they passed the tired looking pair quite a while back. 

At the end of the wall the boys only wait so long and take the excellent tobaganing swing and rickshaw to the finishing spot. 
To our communal delight we see the pair, well fed and drank at the bottom, and so it was back to beijing.  In about 9, quick turn around and out to the KTV with Katie.

KTV is this fantastic idea in china where you rent your own room and sing karekoe all night, and drink as well. so after loads of beers and 2 bottles of wine, we were all well oiled and belting out classics, well, me and dermy were putting in good performances, the rest of the boys were just trying not to break the mic. i think thats what got a couple of drunk chinese guys in for the craic cos it sounded so bad. anyway, i couldn't find amran na bhFiann on the computer so i just sang it myself and made the chinese stand to attention.
Went to some chinese club after that, we were the only Lawei (foreigners) in the place, and really the only ones drinking. Finished up at home about 4.30 so as you can imagine there was plenty done the next day.

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