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Yes I have done it. Oktoberfest.

Yes, an experience not to be missed. Kinda happy event. You see tents,lots of them. You see funfair like entertainment. You see lots of eating places. Lots of shops selling various different things. You see lots of people. Many many people walking about. Fully lit up. People in the cold, covered up braving the chill, talking, chatting, playing, disturbing others...all these outside the main tents. The whole night looked chilly but entertaining.

While walking towards the tents, the Beer tents. I saw police arresting some poeple at the back of a tent, where they have made a makeshift jail - ha ha ha....really, no kidding! A covered steel cage as part of the tent and I saw police handcuff some, pushing soem to be quiet.


Then, entering a tent, saw the craze. People are dancing on the bench, drinking, much of sound and noise, you get sucked into and get lost. walking pass the crowd - drunken crowd, half-drunken crowd, carzy crowd, spilling beer on you while trying to dance around you, pulling you into the crowd to dance with them, pushing you ahead while walking. Ladies carrying almost I think a dozen 1 pint beer mugs in both hands. Wow, it is a feat, I can never do. Roasted chicken rolling. People falling off their chair and not knowing where the hell they are. trying to get up the bench and falling. People dancing on the long bench. All the nice craze you can see.

Wonderful feeling, so what do you do? Join the crowd. Buy a mug, hands hurt carrying it while trying to drink. Really big heavy mug. Bavarian beer, touted as Food in that part of the world. Lots and lots of people, mainly foreigners partying away the night.

Stayed for a couple of hours there. Then wandered around checking some fo the shops.

Saw a group of smurfs - Yes, papa smurf. Took pictures with them. Traditional german costumes, in leather shorts and sorts. Nice to see. Nice experience. So, after 2 mugs, called it a night and was walking little high. Should have stayed longer but you know, you started losing the only mind you have. Was fun.

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Food anyone? WHAT? Beer???
Food anyone? WHAT? Beer???
Ha the Smurfs.!
Ha the Smurfs.!
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photo by: AleksandraEa