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"Fire" yes because you're hot! :)

Sometimes some people thought it's hard to find a real friendship on cyber world but I did. There are a lot of people that I've met here and in real life who now become friends for life. Maybe you can't find any useful tips on this blog but I wrote it because I want to keep my special moment with these three fantastic people who i've met through travbuddy and we now travel together and become a good friend, hope forever.  They are just an example but they are a good example and good friends really.

Before joining Travbuddy, i've had only my thai blog at wordpress and sharing photo at (same as facebook but now I'm on facebook more). Many new people added me on hi5 but most of them never talk to me.
"Water" Because may is calm (but don't let her dance she will become 'fire') :D
I don't know should I call them friends or just someone who just want to have more friends on their friendlists than the others? Hu hu. I don't mind. I accepted everyone as well. But here, on TB, I joined to share my trips and I got a good friendship back from most of them. .

In an early 2007 I got a chance to join TB by TB Dodge. I don't know her before but my friends know. We talked about traveling and my friends told me that Dodge is a member of one travel website. I asked her to ask Dodge what the url of the web. Dodge told my friend. ( I didn't talk to Dodge yet) then i had a look around TB. Nice website. I was invited from the other friends to join the other travel websites. I don't interesting in them.
"Earth" (because I'm down to earth? haha yes i am and in fact 'Earth' is my real element)
But once I found Travbuddy. I love the template. You don't have to make a fabulous design that too fashoinable by using all the pantones. Just white and light blue. The blog looks clean. Easy to post and easy to comment. And everyone shares their trips, tips, beautiful pictures and friendship. After reading and looking around, I had load of stories to share. So I joined here. 

Searching for Dodge, found her. Greetings her with ton of comments but we still didn't have a chance to meet each other. One day at work - I got back to my office after lunch, I've met someone in the elevator. I'm sure she's Dodge- her personality, character is so obvious. And I remember her face as well but I got no chance to ask "is that you Dodge?" because there're a lot of people in the elevator. I knew later that was her, she came to my company to take one job that my company transfered to her company.
"Wind" (because you always bring every good and funny thing to us all)
Later, got a chance to meet, watch movie with and party with her. Dodge is friendly, funny and lovely person. She's too kind. And yes she's so sweet! (Once she asked me "what do you think when someone said you are so sweet, what does it mean?") I mean you really are, Dodge! :) Not that we graduated from the same faculty, same university or joined the same travel site but i think we have something in common. I like her as a friend and as a sister. She never say no to me unless she really can't make it! And most of the time she can't but she showed up anyway. To be there late is better than no shows up at all, right? :) Good Dodge! You've got my heart!

After I joined TB, I've seen TB Tazmania (her name is MAY) around, we started saying Hi to each other but got no chance to join. Until TB Aiohdmg (or our Aioh, Jaoh, Oh) added me as a friends - she said "we all should meet"! Then we've setting mini meetup for 4 of us. And found out that we all have something in common. May and Aioh are not different from Dodge, they are nice, kind and open minded. I've met Aioh the first time at Noodle shop, Silom complex. Sweet girl who always holds the camera. Always smiling and nice. My first meetup with her was impressive. We shared a lot of thing as we've met each other long time ago. For May, she knows a lot about music as it's her job and her favourite thing. And also knows a lot of nice pubs and bars, I love that! :D Everytime we've met, we need an advice from her :) ANd she never disappointed us! You're rock, May! :)

We don't only talk to each other on TB or FB but we call each other, meet up at least one or two times a month, text each other, emails, etc.  We don't talk to each other just only How are you? How am I? Do you like noodles? Do you like tea? But we've shared something deep. Now we've had a trip together. It was my first trip with them and it won't be last .. for sure.

Ok, enough for the intro! :)

p.s. I gave you guys the other names for fun na :) I don't know what elements you all are but i'm earth, yes :)

newtampo says:
Thanks both! because I feel deep so I wrote it (too) long :P
Posted on: Jan 28, 2009
ratu says:
Posted on: Jan 28, 2009
aiohdmg says:
Finally, the Gang hv a blog!!!
I really love your long introduce...

Good Job my Sis..(^___________^)
Posted on: Jan 28, 2009
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yes because youre hot! :)
"Fire" yes because you're hot! :)
Because may is calm (but …
"Water" Because may is calm (but…
(because Im down to eart…
"Earth" (because I'm down to ear…
(because you always bring …
"Wind" (because you always bring…
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