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This whole trip was spontaneous from the moment I got a phone call from my Aunt Nancy asking if I would like to visit her in Wales.  I think it was around 6pm or so when I just so happened to be at my Dads house when she called him about an airfare deal that couldn't be passed up. He had just gone to visit her so when I heard about it I figured I could take advantage.  The deal: Virgin Atlantic buy one ticket get one for $1!  One single dollar!  So I called up my friend Kristina and said "Hey do you want to go to England with me?"  She said YES as if it weren't a rhetorical question.  I got on the computer picked the dates, June 5 - June 18th 2003.  Called her back and screamed "WE'RE GOING TO ENGLAND!!"

On the day of departure my Grandma had picked us up from my house and off we went to McCarran.
  We had to take a trip to LA since the deal was Los Angeles to London, direct.  When we got to LA we were ridiculously happy and anxious to get on the flight.  Neither of us had been out of the country so the long flight was a first as well.  It was packed on the plane, we had middle seats but luckily we don't require a lot of room.  I remember watching every movie possible and TV show, eating but not quite sure what it was and walking around while everyone else slept.  When I awoke, we were about to land and she girl was staring at me since I had turned my neck pillow around, probably looked like it was choking me.  Oh well, I was comfy.

We got off the plane and went right in to change clothes and figured out where in the world we were.
  I only have 5 pounds on me that my Dad told me to go get Starbucks with.  I don't even like Starbucks but I took it anyway.  My Aunt had booked us a train ticket to Wales which departed shortly after we landed.  We missed the train.  Got on the next one and off we were for another 6 hours of travelling.  This was exciting, I had never been on a train before!  With our ironic luck we had to stop and help out the train we were supposed to be on because he had broken down.  It was destiny to be on our train.  When we got to Wales we were greeted by my Aunt and Uncle who took us to get some food.  All I wanted was to shower and sleep by that point and it didn't help when we saw some groups of people our age dressed up for a night out.
  Oh well we were there to see things and I hadn't realy brought nice clothes to begin with.

My Aunt had a really charming home in Haverfordwest, Wales.  One of the first things we did was to go to Pembroke Castle.  A REAL castle, holy coolness I couldn't believe it!  Not only was this a castle but one where Henry the VII was born in, you know the War of the Roses...!!!!  It was magnificent!  Everyone must have been really short because I could walk thru the dark moist hallways and feel tall.  My imgaintion was running wild with "what happened here???!!"  So much history was stending right before my feet and I didn't know what to do but smile.
  We ventured around the property, took pictures and took in the moment for it was what made me get the crazy travel bug itch. 

Next was St. Davids Cathedral.  Amazing to say the least.  I love architecture so the details in the building were spectacular.  One of the photos I have is of the ceiling that has a cross on it, I practically had to lay on the ground to take it.  It was like walking thru a time capsule.  We don't have this history in the US.  We stayed for mass and I felt so lucky to be able to take part.  My friend whom is not religious was even excited.  The benches had been there so a long period of time and it made you wonder who else had knelt down to pray int he same spot I was.  As we walked out we noticed the cemetary and the tombstones where people had quietly been laid to rest for quite some time.  I wondered if they experienced the same sort of happiness at one point in their life with the pretty cathedral, green grass and cloudy sky.

We got to walk around Haverfordwest after doing some more sight seeing, one of my favorite pictures is of the old man playing the accordian with the castle in the background as if it were just another day. 
paul0511 says:
Nice pics , glad you enjoyed it here :-)
Posted on: Feb 17, 2009
bcmavs757 says:
how did u like the uk?
Posted on: Feb 02, 2009
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it was really sunny
it was really sunny
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