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Dougga, the punisian name is Thugga.  This place is located in the region Bulla Regia, about 100 km south west from Tunis.

This city is build by the Roman people in the 4th century a.n.. But it was declined in the Islamic period. Dougga was abandoned and deserted with the Vandal invasion


It is about 65 hectare big, and in those days about 20.000 people lived in this city. The city is build on a hill and has a various kind of buildings. There are a lot of remains left.  For example the big theatre in Dougga, Publius Marcius Quadratus has given ordered  to build this theatre.  A similar theatre can be found in Pompei.

  This place is really worth a visit, because it is bigger than Carthago. There are a few roads in this city, and one is leading directly to Carthage.  On the floors you still can see the traces  of the cart. Mosaics floors can be found over the whole place. There was even a brothel, which was quite normal those days. The Capitol of Dougga must be one of the most impressive remains from the Roman era. Built in 166 CE, its 10 metre high walls stand almost like the day it was inaugurated.

The Capitol served as the main temple for the entire city, and it was dedicated to the three gods of Jupiter, Juno and Minerva.

the frigidarium  (the roman Bath) which has triple arcades at both ends and large windows with great views over the valley.

The Forum of a Roman city was the central place, the place where official ceremonies were performed, and people were judged.


You can find the temple of Minerva, the temple of Saturn, the temple of caelestis, dougga has also two arches septimus Severus and Alexander Severus. You can find water chambers, and a lot of houses. The most precious mosaics can be found in the Bardo Museum in Tunis.

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you still can see the cart track. …
you still can see the cart track.…
Bardo museum Tunis
Bardo museum Tunis
Bardo museum Tunis
Bardo museum Tunis
109 km (68 miles) traveled
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photo by: pbug31