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Carthage is located on the hill of Byrsa, funded by princes Elissa-Dido.

The Feniciers funded in 814 b.c. The city Carthage. The Carthage empire enclosed, Sicilie, Sardinie, Corsica, the Balearen and parts from South ��"Spain. In the third century b.c. Carthage ended up in a fight with Rome. This was the first Punisian war.

An other Punisian war was famous, Hannibal threatened the Roman people on their own territory with an enormous army with elephants wich he directed over the Alpes towards Rome.

In the year 202 b.c. Carthage was completely destroyed. In the 5th and 6th century Carthage belonged to the empire of the Vandalen. (Christian)  In 543 The Vandals were evicted and the Byzantines took over.

In the year 632 the Arabs conquered North Africa. In the 7th century Tunisia became Islamitic. In this period the Big Mosque in Kairouan was built.

In 1574 Tunisia was recaptured by the Ottoman from the Spanish. Piracy was the main source of income in Tunisia. By a new law piracy was no longer sustained. So Tunisia lost their main source of income. It became very poor. Also the conquering of Algiers by France had effected Tunisia.

Because there was no money , the taxes were raised. This provoked a  revolt. In the year 1881 the French invaded Tunisia from Algeria . By this a new pact was made, The pact of Mersa. This meant that Tunisia officially declared as a French protectorate. In 1934 Habib Bourguiba funded a new Party.

This party was called Destour. This was to stop the French domination. This is the reason he was banished. Finally after a lot of resistance the independence of Tunisia was recognized in 1959 by the French.

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photo by: Biedjee