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The original plan was for me to come to South Carolina to run a race with Alysia. She found an 8k but was not able to train. i still came down for the visit though with the race being the kickoff to our first full day of hanging out. I rolled out of bed at 5 am for this race; why do I get up earlier to run than I do for work?? Anyway, I got dressed pretty quickly and then went to make my peanut butter toast as my two housemates got up. Before 5:30 we were headed down the road to a large Baptist church that was hosting the race. Packet pick up was very efficient and I got not only a T-shirt but also a pair of socks! I managed to pin on my bib without issues and then did a short warmup. Alysia and jinelle stayed in the church. We chatted for the half hour between then and the race start. I made another restroom stop and then joined the crowd lining up at the start. We actually lined up facing the finish so the photographer could get a shot of all of us charging through the start. When the announcer yelled go into the microphone, I barely heard him but it was ok because we were all moving slowly due to the crowd size. Over 800 people participated in the five mile race. It felt a bit boxed in and was frustrated in some spots but by the half mile mark, I was able to find more space and try to find a better stride. I saw Alysia near the mile one marker and waved. I was feeling ok but by mile two I was looking for the water spot. I think the humidity got to me some. I was really grateful for my tank top run club shirt instead of a t-shirt. I walked through the water stop. I had managed to pull off an eight minute mile pace up to that point, but I would not recover these thirty seconds. I did use the next mile to focus on catching up to the people that had been near me before I walked. It helps to have a focus in a race. The hills during the end of mile three and beginning of mile four were not anywhere as bad as the hills in last weekend's race so even though I was tired and not feeling strong I knew I could get up them. The last quarter mile before the final turn was downhill, but I was just telling myself to finish, no sprinting necessary. Something kicked in though when I made the final turn and I managed to pass one more runner in my way in. Hearing cheers from Alysia and Jinelle definitely helped! My official time would be 40:35. I would finish in the top third of runners. I had hoped to break forty minutes but it is still a personal best. Once out of the chute, I got water, watched a friend of Alysia finish, and then picked up some grapes and half a bagel. We sat on a curb for a bit as I recovered and Linda and her husband joined us.

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photo by: diisha392