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the cabin. Riverside Gardens up above

My Run Club rented out the Old Log Cabin again this year for one last run.  Since we had used my address for the rental (might as well choose a member who lives in-county and can get the discount!), I had the key and needed to arrive early.  My sister was there when I arrived just after 7:15.  I think I would've been on time but my usual road into the park was closed for winter.  We got into the cabin without difficulty and I was excited to discover that it did have a heater vs just a fireplace.  While a fire would add heat and a cozy feel, I had been worried about warming the cabin up entirely.  The heater had kept the room at sixty degrees, a great head start on the sub-freezing temperatures our area had recently encountered.

Lake Newport
  (It's only December...why am I thinking that it shouldn't be winter?)

Since today was a twelve-mile day for me, after I had dropped off my bags, I went out for a short run on my own.  Megan lent me her head lamp.  Even though it was growing lighter, I felt safer with the beam proclaiming my presence to the few vehicles that did pass me on the road for my 1.25 miles.  It was quiet and beautiful with the snow on the trees and the lake.  As I approached the cabin, I saw my sister's black car pull up again.  When I had headed out to run, she had headed over to a nearby gas station to buy a lighter to get the fire going since there were no incendiary devices in the cabin.  Inside the cabin I watched as Megan and Tommy coaxed a fire to life.

me after the first short run
  We had plenty of logs but not much in the way of tender.  Megan used some of the newspaper that had wrapped the leftover snowmen from our Christmas party three weeks prior--the cocoa-filled favors had come today to be picked up by Run Club members who had either missed the party or forgotten to take them home (Mike would make sure that we took them; he walked around during lunch and put one in each person's hand or on the table in front of them).  I pried some bark off of the bigger logs and the fire started to take off.  Tommy claims that Megan almost killed the fire later when she put a bigger log on it; she says that eventually she got the log to burn so it worked out just fine.

The noise increased throughout the half hour after my return to the cabin as the group convened.  A couple of the guys went off to run the trails as we waited for a last car.  I think they were getting antsy.  Once Rylee and Brian made it, about a dozen of us jogged out for the loop around Lake Glacier.  Megan led us in the opposite direction of my earlier run.  Brian warned that the road would narrow, but remembering the path from last year, I smiled and said we woudn't be on this road for long.  Sure enough, Megan soon cut to the right and we were hiking up a set of metal steps.  Luckily, the grid style had allowed the snow to fall through the step and took away most of the slipperiness.  Up top we attempted to run through the snow on the sidewalk but the foot-deep accumulation soon chased us back onto the road.  Only a short distance later and we were back in the park and I could stop worrying about major traffic.  Throughout our run we did encounter some cars--our yells of "Car!" echoing up the line from the back to the lead runners--but overall we had the roads to ourselves.  Around Vollney Rogers Field Megan tried to take us on a trail but seeing that it was completely unbroken and still fully snow-covered, we returned to the road. 

Down the hill we met Mike and Neal at the bridge.  Then we detoured up another hill to add some mileage and see the suspension bridge (and get a group shot!).  At this point, Megan took Janie and me on some trails; the rest of the group took the shorter route back.  The three of us laughed about the bubbles that we were supposed to be in as we slid on the icy paths.  With less than two weeks to our Disney races, we did want want to get injured!  I was definitely not running my fastest but caution was more important today.  We wove up by Lanterman's Mill which was still decorated for Christmas, cheerful wreaths in the windows.  Across another bridge and down a trail brought us back to the suspension bridge.  We headed up the hillside for a short jaunt and then ended up on the road for our return to the cabin.

Lunch was waiting, lots of good stuff and conversation.  Some people left after the food, others stuck around to chat.  I geared back up and ran along the same route from the morning, just going all the way to the end of the lake this time.  A little loop near the cabin gave me the extra mileage needed to hit my twelve for the day and I scooted inside for more food :)

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the cabin. Riverside Gardens up ab…
the cabin. Riverside Gardens up a…
Lake Newport
Lake Newport
me after the first short run
me after the first short run
photo by: diisha392