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Coming down the bridge I used the steep decline to catch back up to Rhonda.  To cross the border we had to make sure our bibs were visible.  The border guards watched us but seemed to be in pretty good spirits as hundreds of runners dashed by.  I remarked to Rhonda that this had been the easiest border crossing ever :)

We ran past businesses and a park down by the river.  At one point I paused to take a picture of Detroit from across the water.  I wanted to take pictures of the sculptures in the park but that was a detour that would take me farther away from Rhonda than I wanted to play catch up especially since we were on pace for a 2-hour half.  I was still disappointed that my foot injury had taken away my chance at a 1:50 half this year but I wanted to still run well today.

 I contented myself with looking at the tall buildings as our few miles in Canada neared a close.  Our last foreign mile--or at least nearly all of the final one--was in a tunnel that went under the river back to Detriot.  My Garmin conked out shortly into our underground journey--too much interference for the GPS to behave.

This was the warmest section of the entire race.  I was finally warm enough to take off my throw-away shirt although I simply wrapped it around my waist instead of getting rid of it.  Without my Garmin tracking us, I had to guess on how much longer we had to run in the tunnel and if we were keeping the necessary pace for our 2-hour half.

Eventually we realized that we could see natural coming from ahead of us.  We had to go up an incline but we followed the curve to our left and re-entered true daylight, the artificial lights being left behind us.

This border crossing went as smoothly as our first one although the guards here seemed to be a bit more focused on watching us and our bibs.

(and now back in the US so I need to go back to my other blog entry to finish the day!)

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photo by: diisha392