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We arrived in Luxembourg City and it was pretty dark already which meant pretty cold!  After trying to find a place to park, we got out to explore and OMG, I was freezing.  We stopped for a few pictures, found a monument and eternal flame that we stood by for warmth and it was off to explore the city center and hopefully grab some dinner!

The girls stopped in a cute bakery area and I was drawn to desserts and we found local wine inside.  Brett and I bought two bottles of wine, this  yummy espresso dessert and asked for a restaurant recommendation.  We ended up at this place which was completely cow themed.  I was in HEAVEN!!!

There were ice sculptures out front...we took a few photos and off to stuff our faces we went.

  We all opted for a multi course special and Brett ordered escargot for his appetizer.  We had been teasing James who said he would never eat snails as he thought about the snails on the sidewalk.  Trying to explain they were different was not getting through his thick skull (typical male..hee hee).  Lynn and Julie both tried one, I obviously did as I love them, and then......James succumbed to peer pressure!  I took a bunch of pics of James eating the escargot but unfortunately, didn't realize my camera setting was on B&W at the time.  Oh well!

We enjoyed a great dinner and then it was time to get on the road again....we still had to get through Belgium and back to the Netherlands tonight. Uuuuuuugh!

After walking back to the garage, Lynn stayed out front with James while he smoked a last cigarette.  We were supposed to pick them up outside the garage in the front but as we were pulling down an aisle, they were standing inside!  Turns out, they were apparently yelled at by someone for perhaps smoking.  *wink wink* :-)

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photo by: Vikram