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After our tour around Hearst Castle I was already pretty content with the way our trip was going.  We needed to get back on the road and start heading towards San Francisco.  Kelly thought taking the scenic was going to be something I would absolutely love.  Don't get me wrong... I loved it......for the first 5 minutes.  We had not been on Highway 1 for too long before I started to feel nauseous.  I am not one to get motion sickness but when you're overlooking the water on this tiny road with the person in front of you driving 20 mph and you are hitting curve after curve....How can you not?!? I tried everything. I put my feet up on the dash, I laid down, I drank some water, I opened the windows, closed the windows....  Oh well. How could I complain? The view was beautiful.  6 hours later I was entering what would later become one of my favorite cities. 

It was about 6 PM, 12 hours after leaving home, when we pulled into the parking lot of our hotel.   What do you know? Our friends Dacia and Heather pulled in right behind us, perfect timing.  We grabbed our luggage, our food and went to check in.  We got into our rooms and I threw myself on our bed!  I was so ecstatic to be there.  We took a half hour nap and decided to hit the streets.  With a few drinks in our system we couldn't wait to see what was happening in the nightlife.  Kelly(the DD) drove a while and parked the car in this rinky dinky parking lot.  We walked and came across a club that looked fun... The cover charge was 25 dollars!! When we managed to get a peek inside there must have been like 5 people in there... it looked like a high school dance. We decided to leave and get a taxi... only problem... we couldn't find one! We kept walking and ended up in a really shady part of town... TAXI!!!!  Take us to the gayest part of town...No Problem!  Castro here we come!!!!  The taxi ride was quite interesting... I thought New York had the crazy cab drivers...  We were flying across town.  Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!  I'll be happy if we make it there alive. 

Castro was like no other place I had ever been to.  Everyone was out on the  It was obvious that everyone was having a great time in a place where no one was afraid to be themselves.  It's a place to be free, I guess you can say.  There is no one to pass judgment, noone to make you feel like you are below them and no one to stop you from feeling like you deserve those feelings.  It was great.  We walked around, mingled, and saw all the places that had decorated and prepared for the pride festivities that were happening that weekend.  We had done so much walking that we decided to have pizza at Marcello's Pizzeria.  The line was out the door so this place had to be good!  It was!  After we ate we decided to call it a night and go back to the room so we could wake up early the next day.

                                   "Wait! Before we go back, can we go see the Golden Gate Bridge?"  'Sure!' 

We pulled out our map and figured out how to get there and off we went.. I could see it from a distance and I got all excited.  We went over the bridge cheering and laughing the whole way across.  When we got across Dacia said we could get to the freeway if we just stayed on the same road.  Boy...Did we get lost?!?  We decided to exit on one of the streets and ended up in a very isolated area we kept going and out of nowhere a deer jumped across the car.  We all yelled! We hit a pothole and water splashed all over the car.  We yelled again. ha  We kept going and ended up in a dark, forest like, neighborhood.  We drove slowly hoping to eventually come across the freeway.  Nothing.  We drove and drove and after a while we thought...we must be going in circles. Everything looks the same.  Kelly stopped to look at the map and we were like Don't Stop!! Heather woke up from her nap and started to freak out.  After about 30 minutes we came to a road that lead to the freeway... Yay! When we pulled up to the hotel we looked like zombies walking to our room.  It had been such a long day for us.  It was 2 AM and we were exhausted. All I know is the minute my head hit the pillow I knocked out. That's what I get for wanting to see the Golden Gate Bridge in the middle of the night...  The day that started with a scenic route ended with a not so scenic route.

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