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So i thought i was used to fun and exciting driving styles after leaving the Dominican Republic but i was wrong. There are rules here but they are not followed and its almost like a free-for-all. Its a blast cause its like grown up go carts going really fast and even though it seems like chaos...its actually fairly safe. Everyone knows what they are doing and i have yet to see one wreck. I have almost been run over by a semi truck and everyone flashes there lights at me if im going too slow. I love it here! My favorite part is when you get into the back country roads and then its like and Indy car track...lots of down shifting and tight corners. In the class i went through they told us that its illegal to talk on the phone, eat, read, smoke, throw things out the window, flash your lights at someone, not be in a seatbelt, ride someones bumper while you are driving...yet i have seen all of these rules broken while driving and even when the police are right next to the car...its crazy here but fun. My advice to anyone who is coming over here and will be driving is to stay alert and to not get stessed or one else here does....its just the way of life here!
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photo by: spocklogic