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So I got in last night and yes I was limping like a fool and the walk to the car was pretty funny but waking up this morning was pretty fabulous too. The whole weekend I will be limping and gimping and trying to get by. Finally monday morning I will go back to work and call my doctor luckily he takes me in that morning and I tell him my sob story and he tells me that I got a muscle spasm in  my leg and pretty much gives me a lazy button. Don't move alot, don't lift shit and no way in hell am I to do hills or stairs. (how did my back problem equal leg spasms? I don't know but both sucked) I hobble back to my car and head to the pharmacy to pick up the not 1, not 2, but 3 medications he gives me for my sorrow. I spend the next 2 weeks passing out a 9:30 because all three make me drowsy. As I write this its now January 23 and I've been back to the doctor once because the spasm was not happy infesting one leg it decided to wreck havoc on my back and then come to rest in the other leg. Its been 30 days and I'm still not completely healed.

Was it worth it?? Well it has been a pain being injured but the memories and the fun times that Grace and I have will last a lifetime while the pain will go away. I would do it again.

EDIT: 2/6/2012

It took me 3 months before I was completely healed. While the pain subsided I wasn't able to walk without limping. Standinfg for any amount of time was a killer. I would go to the grocery store and have to pretend I was squatting down to look at something because my back would go out. X-rays showed nothing wrong and I was tired of medication. My guess is that I messed with a nerve in my back. As it is now, I can't feel back of my left leg and parts of my left foot. They are numb. I haven't felt those parts in 3 plus years. I eventually joined a gym and found that working out strengthened my back and I have not had this problem again since. Cross your fingers that it continues that way :D

sylviandavid says:
I was so excited when I started then BANG ... like magic the adventure was over and we were back in the USA.... hoping to see this blog later.... it really started well....
Posted on: Jan 23, 2012
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