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We arrive at 5 in the afternoon (Having left at 10 the evening before it feels like a long long time). We quickly exchange some money and grab a train ticket and catch the metro.
I'm sitting on top of my bag, my hat blocking my view starring out at the landscape when the doors open and a burly frenchman stumbles in. He's holding a cigarette in his hand and others are looking at him in disdain. He walks up to Grace and I and begins to talk. My 10 words in French are not needed to know that this man is hitting on me. I glance down and try to ignore this man. He attempts the same with Grace.  We look at each other scared. Another man tells him not to smoke in the car and he is quiet for abit. Then he starts to talk to us again. Again creepy creepy feelins emerge and I try to pretend my hat had made me invisible.
Finally a man sitting next to us talks to the burly man. I hear words like tres bella and I'm like hey I'm hot. lol. Finally I get that this new man is telling burly man to stop because we are with him. I hear menage trois and I'm fully happy to go with that if it will make burly go away. Finally he goes after a few more words for us. I immedately bust out with my merci's to this lovely lovely savior and then rest of the trip is made in happy silence.

We took the 4 until the end and popped out. Luckily I had looked up directions before we got there and we actually knew where to go. We reached our hotel in minutes and dropped off the quickly becoming heavy bags. Now its time to each. We wander around the neighborhood wheres there plenty of eqyptian and mideastern food but we want something french for dinner. We find a cafe that would feed us while a happy band played loud jazz like music in the backround. We prettty much ate grilled cheese sandwiches but we were amused with magic tricks which less sense since the man spoke french. It wasn't until the end he learned we spoke English and was hapy to oblige. I was reaquainted with European coffee (the us has nothing like it) and we marveled that we were in Paris and it still didn't feel like it. To fight that feeling, we decided to get some metro passes and go look at something iconic.
Eiffel Tower here we come. I waited as we climbed out of the metro for Grace to get her first look. I could see it over the rooftops and was excited.
The tower was bathed in blue light and it had stars in a ring on its face. I still don't know why it looked like that. I never found out. We took the obligatory pictures (mine look like I photoshopped Grace in. Its hilarious) and we wondered looked for a potty for Grace. We stand by the river having a smoke and looking at it some more when it suddenly burst into lights. The lights sprinkle on and off and I shout with glee. The light show makes it feel like Paris again for me.

Its getting late now and we make our ways back to the hotel to get settled in and hopefully sleep. We have a big rest of the week.
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photo by: Sweetski