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We make the trip out to Versaille. It seemed like it was so far away. We did get a little lost once we were there. Really there should be some better signs about where it is. IT is rather close to the station though so it was our bad for getting so lost. It is a damp day and there isn\'t too many people there. (when people ask why I like to travel in winter I am think of Versaille with no one there, there is no other reason for me) 

We walk around the palace and love it. The chapel is one of the first things we see and it is magnificant. BUt we are quickly dismayed. There is a modern art artist named Jeff Koons and they had decided to display his artwork inside the Palace. Jeff Koons make strange art. I have never liked it (he seems to follow me around, I have seen his work in several countries, albiet unwillingly) He makes ginormous metal balloon animals and things of that nature. He made a figureine of Michael Jackson. For me, displaying this art, especially this modern art, in a place that has so much artwork and history of it own was off putting. It took away from the awesomness of the Palace. Perhaps for others who do not have such a hatred of the artist they might have been overjoyed that he was displayed but Ifor me it didn\'t work. 

As I mentioned the day was raining and damp so we didn\'t go out into the gardens. We did however manage to go out what I now assume is the wrong way and we ended up outside. First order of business was food. We were pretty hungry by  the time. We found a touristy restaurant (we were too hungry to care). I ordered a Pschitt (like a Sprite but funnier).

We got back to the train station to find out that our train was over an hour away. Sigh. I decided that I could get us to the other train station and we could take that one earlier. Its true, I did get us to another train station, however, I don\'t know if the wait was any better. We just walked for miles and miles it seems. We were ever so glad to get on the train.


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photo by: diisha392