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Grace and I decided to take a side trip over to Figureres, Spain. Home of Salvador Dali museum. Its a few hours by train. And lets be honest my back is rebelling in the worst way. I'm trying to be a good sport and not ruin Graces time but its definitely getting in the way. I have a tiny heat pack that I have stuffed between my back and the chair. Its a long train ride. We end up in Figueres and stop at Pans for lunch. The museum is just up a hill a ways and we head that direction. The outside is a site to see itself. Eggs on top of the building. Random colors. We manage to miss the entrace (eesh the signs are so transparent) and its while walking down the incline towards the correct entrance that I feel a pop. Something in my back popped as I turn to walk and I'm really stuck with a miserable pain. It hurts, its uncomfortable. Anyone whose had back problems will know, it just doesn't feel good. I've now effectively slowed down and am slowly moving. We enter the museum and theres multiple floors and rooms and Grace and I end up splitting up. I keep finding places to sit down. There even an outside area that you can smoke in that I went and did just that. 

The muesum is filled with, I have to say it, odd artwork. Salvador Dali was an odd bird. The paintings I knew were the droppy clocks and those were there. The rest of it, I think you'd have to be a fan to appreciate. I'm afraid that my physical ailment that the moment had more of an affect on me than the art. 

We get a train back to Barcelona. Grace is a super sport and she gives me massages. We're stretching in the hotel room (she takes a horrible picture of me doing it). I couldn't have made it without her. I:m super glad she was there and was willing to put up with my crap.


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photo by: hellenica