Day 5 cont.

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We ended up going to Cortegaca, south of Porto, to a campsite. It took a while to get ourselves a site, as the man didn’t understand how we were all going to sleep in the car. We left lori to do the talking and she managed to sort it out for us. So we get into this campsite, and this man on a bike shows us to our spot. Its pretty much right at the back of the campsite under a forest of trees away from most of the people, but we didn’t mind. We parked up and started taking out our groceries to get ready for dinner. We had a few cans of ravioli which we decided to eat. Im not really a fan of cold canned pasta, so I gave mine to Lauro who happily accepted. I think he felt a bit sorry for me then, because I didn’t really have much to eat (I’d demolised my cheetos), so he whips out a bag of McDs, he’s saved a hamburger and chips for god knows what and from god knows where! But I was really hungry so gladly accepted the cold French fries.


We decided to explore the camp as when we’d come in there were signs for all sorts of things to do. We didn’t really find much though, although we did run into a shop and got a few more soft drinks. We found the toilets and showers too. I decided it was too cold to have a shower in the evening so would have on the next day.


There were some more campervans in front of us and they had a fire going, I think they were having a BBQ of some sort. We got a bit jealous, so decided to build our own fire. Ben and Hannah went off to find some twigs while Lori and I tried to start the first flame. Eventually we had quite a big fire going, which probably wasn’t allowed on the corner of the kerb, but we didn’t care.


It was really cool just sitting in front of the fire talking randomly, and occasionally smacking Alex so that his sunburnt skin burnt even more!

Once we’d all got a bit sleepy we put the fire out and retreated back into the car for our second night sleep upright.

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photo by: hannah-lou