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6th July 2008

Getting out of the car after a not-so-comfortable sleep and seeing the morning sky was spectacular! It was such a crisp sky and we were all excited for the drive ahead.


We needed somewhere to freshen up, so headed back to the campsite assuming they would have toilet/showering facilities. We went back there but didn’t find anything, so just decided to park up and have breakfast on the kerb. As we had all our food laid out on the floor, we started getting attacked by a range of birds. There was one seagull that wouldn’t back off, even after chucking stuff at it!


We drove back to the mall to freshen up instead and get some more food for the trip ahead. Lauro and I decided we were getting McDs! Yay!


Today we were driving further south through Portugal. I don’t think we had a plan. Or did we? I doubt I was paying any attention to be honest! Lauro did the planning and navigation, I just sat at the back eating my cheetos. :D


That afternoon we ended up driving to Porto and chilling out on a beach in Ovar. We parked up the car and headed towards the sea. We didn’t know what we were expecting when we were walking over, and Lauro kept taking the piss, just incase it was a shit beach, or there was no beach and we were just walking to the edge of a cliff and there was the ocean. Well he was wrong. There was a beach, a nice sandy one too. We went straight there and set up our towels to sunbathe.


Now this is where stupidity kicked in. Hannah and Lori were busy applying their sunscreen, but me being me, I thought I didn’t need sunscreen because my skin doesn’t tan easily. Yes, it doesn’t tan, but doesn’t mean it doesn’t burn. Alex and I ended up falling asleep on our towels in the sun, while Hannah was sleeping in the shade and the others had gone for a walk.

When Lori got back she had a huge go at me and Alex, and then when I managed to get into a toilet and saw my back, I realised how much I’d tanned!!! It was bad but I wasn’t burnt, thank god for that. On the other hand, Alex was pretty sun burnt!


We walked around looking for an internet café. None of us spoke portugese and the Portugese didn’t speak Spanish, so we couldn’t really communicate. We were lucky to find one girl who spoke English who gave us directions. We also bought ice-creams from this girls. I bought a mint one, which tasted of toothpaste. Aquafresh to be precise. I think Alex polished mine off in the end. Alex also took note of how big this girls forehead was. Apparently people with big foreheads are clever? Or something like that.


We did find an internet café. Alex and I decided to stay outside and perv on the local girls while the others went in to do some research on where we were headed. I didn’t think I was of any use really!


So a while later its sorted and we’re heading back to the car. I think the internet was needed to figure out what we were going to do once we got to the Algarve.

lauro says:
you used your phone to call bondy! ahahaha
Posted on: Jul 12, 2009
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photo by: lovely_lori88