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5th July 2008

The view the next morning was amazing! We just stood staring at the view for such a long time. We then went back to the house and had breakfast, before deciding we were going to the secret beach that afternoon, having seen it y’day.


Today was also Alex’s b’day, so after giving his presents , a pack of Tim Tams, we headed to the beach to just chill. It was a really nice day although the water was still freezing!


We went rock climbing, although Lori and I were too scared after we got so far and decided we were just going to sit and watch the others climb instead.


We sun bathed and smoked and then decided to head back to get ready for our roadtrip!


Everyone except Alex and I went with Pablo to sort out the car. I think Alex stayed back because it was his b’day, and I was no use as I don’t drive!


They came back with the revelation that only Ben could do the driving as the car was a manual and the girls only drive automatic. That was a bummer. It’ll have to do I suppose. Bless Ben, he had a lot of work to do! But the car was a beast! It was huge! It wasn’t the best looking car, but it did the job! Ben would have to drive the whole way so would be cemented to the front seat. Lauro was up front too, as he was navigating. Lori and I took the middle seats as they were single seats. Hannah and Alex had the back. Sorted.


We packed all our stuff into the car, plus our massive grocery shop, consisting of the whole supermarkets supply of cheetos! :D


We said our goodbyes to Pablo and his family, but we knew we were coming back in a couple of days so we weren’t sad. More excited to be honest because the roadtrip had started!!!!


Our first stop was Vianna De Costello in Portugal. We were going to see the church on the mountain top.


We got there quite late, so the cathedral was closed. But it was a good thing as there weren’t many people around. Eventually, as it started getting later, we ended up being the only people up on the mountain. We sat beside the cathedral watching the sunset. It was such a nice moment sitting and taking in the sunset together.


After we had taken all our pictures, we headed back to the car. Now time for dinner. On the way up to the cathedral we drove past a shopping centre so decided to head there for Alex’s b’day dinner. When we found a decent parking space we ended up going to Pizza Hut. I think Alex was definitely pleased with our choice of restaurant! Lol. I think it was in Pizza Hut that Lauros Camera started acting up? So we spent a while taking loads of test shots on his camera, much to the annoyance of the people around us. Oh and did you know Alex is allergic to mushrooms? This revelation came after I kept offering him breaded mushrooms, not realising he wasn’t saying no out of kind manners.


After a pretty good meal, we headed back to the car to find a place to sleep. We knew we were sleeping in the car tonight, but we wanted to park somewhere safe and where we wont be disturbed, so the hunt started. First stop a car park near the water. We parked up there, but Lauro didn’t like the area as it was too open and unsafe. We agreed with him and went to look for someplace else. While driving someone spotted a camping sign so we followed the very bad signs, and after getting lost a couple of times, and driving around in circles for a while we wound up in an open park.


We found a parking spot and settled there. We took out our sleeping bags and sat on the kerb chatting for a while, and then the girls decided to pop open a bottle of wine that we had in the back to celebrate our first day of the road trip. After a few drinks, Alex and Lauro went back in the car, while we girls and Ben were still outside. It was then that I noticed a car not too far away from us, which seemed to have been there for a while. For some reason it just felt a bit weird. I didn’t say anything, until Lauro and Alex both brought up the subject, and then we made a joint decision to get out of there as fast as we could! And then the other car started up to and it was following us out for a bit. Obviously we all got a bit hysterical and starting shouting at Ben to put his foot on it! We circled around for a bit longer, until we could figure out what the hell we could do. And then it came to Lauro. We would go back up on the Mountain where the Cathedral was and find a space there.


Ok, so it’s not the first thing I’d agree to, but at that point we didn’t really have a choice. It was safer up there, as no one would no we were there, but then if anything did happen to us, no-one would know. Oh well. We headed there anyway!


We found an area just off the road that was big enough to accommodate our beast! It wasn’t the best place to set camp, but it was the best place we found so far, and none of us were in the mood to look for another place.


It was quite funny though, because Lori was a bit freaked out and let us all know. I was freaked out too, but decided to keep my mouth shut because Alex was around. Lol. Cue the piss taking. First off lori’s side of the car was facing this shrine thing which had these red candles burning in them. We decided to call them the Devil candles. This totally freaked Lori out, who asked me to swap seats with her, which I refused to do! Haha! Sorry Lori!


So then after that Hannah decides it’d be funny to exchange ghost stories, so I told them about what superstitions we believed in in our culture. It was basically stuff about devils living in the trees and coming out at night. This totally freaked out Lori who started screaming telling us to shut up, which we found even more hilarious. And then she needed to go to the loo. Cue more piss taking. Lol. Hannah took her to the bushes and she did her stuff with the help of a torch. Where did the torch come from?


We did wind down in the early hours of the morning and went to sleep. I think it came to a point where no one wanted to be the last to fall asleep!

lauro says:
hahahahah ahahahaha ahahahah ahahahah!

i couldnt sleep that night too, everytime alex giggled i like a girl and nailing it to lori, i kept chuckling! ahahahah aaaahahaa
Posted on: Jul 12, 2009
hannah-lou says:
I dont think I did sleep!! Dont worry, I was on guard. I never said anything but at one point of the night I looked out my window and saw a face staring at me - almost died!! But it was just funny lighting and reflections in the window from the street lights. Creepy!
Posted on: Apr 25, 2009
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