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4th July 2008

Sleep was obviously too good, as we ended up waking up quite late today. Hannah and I said we’d get up early to shower and get ready by the time the boys got back from the hut, but we got up when Alex decided to jump on us in the morning.


We dragged ourselves out of bed, and went downstairs. Pablos mum had made us breakfast. So nice!


Today we were going to have a BBQ at the hut, but first we were going to go explore the cliffs and mountains. It was quite a cold day, and so would be a lot colder up on the mountains. Can’t say that stopped us from wearing minimal clothes!


First we went up to the mountains, where the view was spectacular, although we were pretty much being blown over the edge so didn’t stick around for too long!

We then went to see more mountains, and got to see a really cute lighthouse and loads and loads of wind turbines!!!!


We were climbing up one of the mountains when suddenly there was this huge group of wild horses and a few of them were pregnant. It was really weird, because I’ve hardly ever seen a horse let alone wild ones!


At one point we were all sitting on the edge of the cliffs and we could literally see a rain cloud coming towards us. We were quite high up, so when it got closer we just immersed in it and got slightly wet!


The rain then started to pour to we headed back to the hut.


Pablos parents had already started the BBQ. It smelt so good! There were ribs, sausages, chorizo, boiled potatoes, salad, and as Hannahs a vegetarian, Pablos mum made her this huge Spanish omelette!!!! You had to see the size of this thing!! On top of all that we even had home made liquor! It was heaven!


After the BBQ, we just hung around smoking. Pablo left to get some sleep after being awake all night. I don’t know how he does it! Lauro and Ben decided they were going to sleep in the house as they wanted a good sleep, so it was the girls’ turn to brave the hut, plus Alex.


The thing with the hut is it’s just a small room with a sink, a fireplace and a table. Then there’s a toilet in the next room and that’s it. But there’s no electricity at all. So we had to do with candlelight once it had got pretty dark, and you have to sleep on the floor.


Sleeping on the floor in a pitch black wasn’t too bad. The insects were slightly annoying but when you can’t see them they don’t really bother you so much. And you get used to the buzzing. Lol


At one point Lori got up and rushed to the loo and then Pearlo decided she’d get into our sleeping bags and Hannah and I had to chuck her out! That was a bit random. Don’t even know what time that was either!

lauro says:
Posted on: Jul 12, 2009
hannah-lou says:
Ahaha, I forgot the doggies tryin to sleep with us! Should have put them at the end of our feet to keep warm! And Loris manic panic attach with a tiny spider! OH! And Mr Hanky :) Love ya Rubz
Posted on: Apr 25, 2009
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