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The bus came and we paid €6.40 to get on. Cheap but you got what you paid for. It was a really dingy little bus, but we only had to be on it for 45 minutes which was alright.


I think it was then that I looked out of the window and saw the scenery and it was beautiful. I knew then that I would love this place.


We got to the bus station in Cediera safe and sound, and then Pablo and his dad came to pick us up. This is the first time I’m meeting the pair of them. Pablo is amazing, he’s so funny and such a gentleman and the same goes for his dad! His Dad doesn’t speak English so there was a big language barrier there, but Pablo can speak English so we had him translate for us.


Hannah, Alex and I opted to go in Pablos car. On the way Pablo showed us a few of the beaches we would go to later on in the trip. The views were amazing! I’d never seen anything like it! And while I sat in the back, I thanked God for getting me this far.


We got to the house before the others who joined us not so long later. We met Pablos mother, who is the nicest woman in the world! And we took a tour of the house, which is beautiful too! There were two rooms, and we decided to split it between the girls and the boys. We got the better room! We had a big balcony where Lauro and I could smoke. And our bed was so nice and comfy, plus we had a little dressing table where we could get ready and what not.


After making ourselves at home we headed to the supermarket to get some groceries as we decided to make a big pasta for dinner. We ended up getting quite a bit of food, plus my first supply of Cheetos! One pack of which I finished while at the supermarket! :D


We got home and Hannah and Lori started preparing the pasta. I tried to help but I’m pretty useless in the kitchen, so I ended up sitting back with the boys, and then taking credit in the end. Always the way. Lol.

The pasta was really good! Well done girls! Although we did have quite a bit of salad left over!


After filling ourselves up we decided to go down to one of the beaches not far from Pablos. So we got into our bikinis and headed out. It wasn’t too hot, and there was a bit of a wind so we were quite reluctant to get our kit off when we got there. The boys decided to brave the water, after Pablo made them look like wimps! Ben was in first, who dived in and cut the top of his nose in the process! Alex got in eventually, after Pablo pretty much dragged him in. And then bless lauro in his little trunks! He braved the water too! Lori and I decided they were having quite a bit of fun in the water and we wanted to join in so off we went.


Note I cant swim. So I was only planning on wading through the water. But Alex, being Alex, decided to jump on me, so I got soaked. Bastard. I felt so cold afterwards so had to get out of the water and get into a towel.


After a bit of messing around, and lauro filming our toes, we went to see the hut that pablos family owned up on the hills. It was such a cute little house, but they had 2 dogs there. Not being too fond of animals, I decided I weren’t going to stay in the hut that night. The boys thought otherwise, so us girls ended up choosing to stay in the house to get a good nights sleep.


After chilling in the hut for a while, Pablo suggested we go play pool. So we went home to get changed and then first headed to this little bar for some drinks.

We then went to the salon bar to play pool. The place was pretty empty, and I don’t think the barmen had seen an ‘indian’ person walk through the doors before. Lol.


We played a few games of pool, and after a couple of drinks decided to head home. At one point Lori and I were outside having a laugh with an extremely drunk senior, when Lori nearly had the life sucked out of her (long story). That was pretty hilarious! Pablo eventually drove us home so we could sleep. He had to do 2 lifts, so he dropped us girls off first and then went off to get the boys, which was when we’d realised we didn’t have our keys, so had to sit outside waiting for the boys! They came a long time later and we finally got in. Alex thought it would be funny to sleep in our bed so we ended up exposing him and kicking him out. The boys grabbed their stuff and headed to the hut. We just went to the kitchen and munched on the left over pasta, which tasted even better than the first time!


For the first time in days I had a really good sleep! :D

lauro says:
fucking amazing, i never get tired re reading cedeira blogs!
Posted on: Jul 12, 2009
hannah-lou says:
Theres the endtry i was looking for! Omg how awesome was that left over pasta!! That bar was sooo generous with its tequila portions too :)
Posted on: Apr 25, 2009
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