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So 6 months later, I’ve finally got round to doing this blog! I’ve found my journal :D My computers still playing up but work has given me a laptop so it’s all good for now! Let’s hope it doesn’t take me another 6 months to get this finished!!!


2nd July 08

So today’s the day of our big trip. We got up pretty late, we being Lori, Hannah and I. After last nights Canada Day Celebrations we were all feeling a bit knackered, but at the same time we were all very excited to finally be going away!

We did our last bit of packing, and then I think Lori and Hannah went off to sort some stuff out and I went to see Ciaran for a bit. We then all met up back at my house to get our stuff and leave for London Victoria. I went into work to say bye to the girls one last time which was nice.


We got the Gatwick Express from Victoria, and after a pretty short journey we were at Gatwick quite early getting ready to check in. We met Ben (Smeeb) at the airport. He was there with his mum. Bless him! He was so excited as it was his first major trip, and I don’t think he could contain all that excitement!


So we got checked in, and then Lori rang Danny as he works at Gatwick and so he came down to see us! After a few group pictures we went through security to go to the gate to board our flight. We had a bit of time to spare so decided to get some fast food i.e McDs. And then what happens? Our Easyjet flight is delayed. And that’s not just the end of it! It’s delayed by 2 hours!!!!! We were supposed to board at 19.15 but I guess that wasn’t happening. So much for fast food! We could have sat down and had one last supper in London! Oh well.


We minus Ben decided to go window shopping to kill time. I think Hannah got slightly bored so she went back where Ben was sat and started reading her book. Lori and I eventually got bored too, so we bought some magazines and sat and read them. At one point I think everyone apart from me got out their journals and started to write their first entry. That was pretty funny!


9.00pm rolls around and finally we get our gate number and head towards there. I think we had to wait for a bit longer while they were opening the gate. But it was really funny because we were sat waiting and Ben was telling us a story or something and there was a guy sat next to him who was reading a book and had his headphones in his ears, but then he took them out and had a go at Ben for swearing too much? WTF? Ben didn’t let us say anything back to the man, but being girls we all just starting bitching and putting a swearword in every sentence we said. Lol.


So then finally we get through the gates and get on the plane. We all sat next to each other aswell. I got window seat as usual. Woot!


3 hours and we’d be in Madrid. 2 hours late.

hannah-lou says:
Hahaha, that was funny - swearing too much - pft.
Posted on: Apr 25, 2009
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