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Haha, so the only "for sure" thing, didn't really happen! We did pass the In-n-Out that Chris wanted to stop at but we didn't actually eat there! Haha, oops!

So, cruising into Vegas we were driving the fastest way (according to the GPS) to Lizi's house, apparantly the fastest way is right through the Strip! Haha, worst timing too! 5:45 on a spring break Saturday afternoon! That kinda sucked, but I guess it was nice to see the Strip, always busy, crazy-interesting people, music!

But all in all, got to see Lizi, where she's living and had dinner with her. It was great to catch up with her! I guess that's one of the main things about roadtrips, it's about catching up with old friends and family and being able to spend time with them, as much or as little as you can!


So, the only thing I know for SURE about this trip is Chris has it mapped where the first In-and-Out is when we get to Nevada.

It is his #1 favorite place to eat and they don't have any east of Nevada!
The plan, as it stands, and we all know how roadtrips can change is to stop for an afternoon is Las Vegas to visit my best friend in the whole world, Lizi! She just moved out to Vegas and it will be the first time I will get to see her in more than a year! That's crazy! I really can't wait to see her!
I think we will probably avoid the strip, maybe? Maybe we'll go just walk around the strip. It's really all up for discussion as nothing has to be set in stone on this trip!
From there we plan to continue on to Corona, Cali, where Chris' aunt lives that's a lot of driving for two days!

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Las Vegas
photo by: maka77