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Can I just say how much I hate the day before a trip!

Not only is there the sitting at work, antsy to get home or get going, trying to respond to every e-mail and/or phone call so there is nothing to worry about while you're gone, making sure all your co-workers know you'll be gone so they're not looking for you, attempting to clean your office so that when you get back there might be some sense of order or memory of what project you were working on.

Not to mention thinking of all the things that still need to get done before you go! I personally hate coming home to a dirty house, so there's the house to clean, the cat to take to the cat-sitters, laundry, packing (a seemingly unending task), making sure the mail is taken care of, don't forget about cleaning out the fridge (a lesson hard learned!), double checking for tickets and reservation numbers and addresses, lunch with a friend (she's moving while I'm gone) and in my family, don't ever forget to call Mom and Dad before a trip!

Oh, and going on a roadtrip? Is the car clean? Ready to be packed in?What's the strategy for packing the car, yes, I said strategy! Will you be able to reach the food? A place to sleep? How about all the car adapters and chargers for cell phones, game systems, computers, the list seems endless here! Do you have garbage bags? A first aid kit? Don't forget a tool kit with flashlight just in case! Do you have directions? Know the route and possible alternatives?

Don't get me wrong, traveling is one of my favorite things ever. I truly would do it much more often if I could! It's just that day before gets in the way every time! I know once we hit the highway, get out of town, and are cruising along I will be happy as a clam bouncing along to some good music wait, did I forget to mention to put the music on the iPod??
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