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I just want to scream in rage.  I did it again.  My camera doesn’t work.  I haven’t had a chance to take one freakin picture.  It was hard falling asleep because I’m so upset at myself, but I have to move on.  This trip has been calling my name for quite sometime.  Starting out in Tijuana was comforting because Victor is the best.  We circled around TJ looking for food options until he had an idea about finding someplace he hadn’t been to in three years…and it was still there, another nondescript, out of the way stand.


Victor thought I would enjoy trying something new, a carne asada, onions, peppers and bacon  stir fry, but I still had to have a sope and my new favorite drink, horchata.  We chilled around his kitchen, then talked in bed for awhile and then it was good night.  In Tijuana, Victor also has the luxury of living 10 min from the airport, so there was no need to wake up crazy early for my 9:30 am flight.  As I boarded the plain, I noticed all these kids in warm-up uniforms.  They were young but looked like an admirable sports team off to play against some big league in Mexico City. 


Well, I sat next to a mother who sends her daughter and son to the school, and found out that this was more of a class trip.  Cecilia, my new friend was so sweet.  We chatted for at least an hour before I told her that I needed to do some reading for my book club which didn’t last long, because I ended up falling asleep for the rest of the flight. 


Once we arrived, I thought it would be easy breezy.  Brad and friends would be waiting and then I’d be off.  No such luck.  I waited around the airport for half an hour, then spent another 15 min getting directions from this adorable cop who even asked me to repeat his directions back to him. 


I knew I had a journey ahead of me, but I was ready to make it happen.  Walking with a heavy bag wasn’t fun, but once I stepped into the Metro Station, one person after the next geared me towards my destination.  First there was the girl that smiled when she saw me attempt to add coins in the slot of revolving entry way.   No, no, no • buy a ticket in line, where I scored a map of the metro.


This older man sat next to me to confirm that yes, I did need to transfer stations.  We actually spoke in Spanish!  There were two young brothers standing beside me and one walked off the train with me, helped me transfer and rode along side me on the next train.  How adorable!  We also spoke in Spanish to eachother.  He walked me outside of the Coyacon station, but he had no idea how to find my hotel and left.  It was sort of awkward, but I screamed “adios” anyway.


Ok, so will a bus get me there?  I asked around and then three girls were at my service.  I walked with them toward a long line of people waiting for a bus, and then they realized that there is a faster one around the corner.  I only had 2.5 pesos and the fare was 3 pesos, so I guess one of them covered the rest. 


Two of the girls were very sweet but I couldn’t understand much.  I did gather that they were students and they came to Coyoacan to eat.  Silly me, my response - Me gusta comer.  Come on Beryl, you could do a lot better than that.  The bus driver stopped our conversation to tell me that this was my stop.  Ahh, this place is wonderful.  A quiet, colorful, lovely street lined with jacaranda trees in full bloom and beautiful gates. 


I made it to the hostel!  It took them some time to open the door.  Brad and friends still weren’t here.  I set my bags down and went for a leisure walk.  What a livable city this is.  I walked towards the Frida Kahlo museum, which is the house that she grew up in.  I had a peek and my eyes lit up.  I got a sense of color, beauty, and energy. I’d wait for Brad and friends before going inside. 


Walking down quiet streets in solitude didn’t last long.  In fact, crowds of people swarmed the sidewalk.  I walked through a market, bought a wonderful cup of corn salad, then spotted the main square.  Hundreds of people were leisurely enjoying food and music.  Ahh, it was everything a small community in Mexico should be.  Many small shops, cafes, book stores, clothing, ice cream, pet shops, etc.   I’m telling you, Coyoacan is perfect.  After an hour or so, I walked back to the hostel, feeling rather tired and a bit upset that Brad and friends still hadn’t made it.  Well, I laid down for less than two minutes and then there they were.  A sigh of relief, their plane was delayed three hours.

sylviandavid says:
This was a fun read..... good for you for not letting the meet with brad & company ruin your good time... a nice blog...thanks..
Posted on: Jan 22, 2009
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