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Famous, made front pic on the locals website Yeawwwt

Hey gang, we have moved on from our beloved coastal hideway Punta Del Diablo and onto the capital Montevideo. I have spent 1 whole month of my trip in this small, rather isolated paradise so naturally i have many fond memories, meet a lot of very generous, fun loving people and above all have left some true friends behind. In the end, when we walked around the streets we were treated as one of the locals which was great, it doesnt take the town long to fall in love with you (but you have to run around naked or in funny looking costumes for 3 weeks first)! If any of you need a place to chillout while in Uruguay I totally recommend Punta Del Diablo and when your there you will soon meet our young amigo (little shredder booger) named Nacho, this kid has a humour to boot and a heart of gold.

When the busy season is over they burn their businesses while enjoying the surf, Standard!!
You will find this young munchin through the only person who speaks fluent english in the town Martin who is not hard to find, he owns the Ancar Bar. Very generous dude with strong connections in the region and will go out of his way to show you a great time! He can hook you up cheap accomodation, free meals and show you a good party! However, the best time to visit is December through to the Easter period, when the town swells from 500 to 20, 000 people the rest of the time it becomes a ghost town. So unless you love surfing or doing nothing there aint much else to do than drink mata all day in the off season.

The last few days were fun filled and amusing, we finished our carnival games on a high and of course i participated in all of them except one because i suck at card games.

Roadrunner, sticks always getting in the road!!!
The last challenge was intrinsic but quite enjoyable as the locals got involved. Mark and myself dress in all our surfing gear (including our wetsuits which you dont need cause the water pretty warm, flippers etc) and a snorkel mask. We were required to walk the main street, enter a shop buy an object of our choice, then proceed to the surf break asking at least three people ¨donde esta olas¨ (we asked about twenty). While doing the challenge mark and I added a bit more action by deliberately tripping over our fins and falling over in random places. Finally, we had to catch three waves with our snorkels on. The visitors and locals got a good kick out of it, stopping us for photos with their children, directing us in the wrong direction (their sense of humour, we were onto it!) one person even offered to give us a horse back ride down to the beach but we were to unko to get on the flippen thing.
About to get lipped in the head!!!
When we got in the water lots of locals came down and were cheering everytime we got waves, more photos and some paddled out to give us high fives it was great felt like gringo surf stars in snorkels, we even lost both the snorkels in the surf!!! Through our antics we meet this cool family from montevideo who we are now staying with for the week while we get our braziliaan visas sorted so i guess it does pay to be stupid every now and then haha!!

The last two days in PDD the surf got freakin epic and rather huge!!! We scored some big waves unbelievable barrel time but at a cost. I came off second best with the rocks, my new nickname is rock spider and I have the battle scars along with the bruised kidney to show for it while mark neary broke his ribs and duggo bent his board into the next millenium!! Sadly Jimmy got Bali belly a day before and was too ill to surf but got some great snaps of our day out tackling the Diablo slabs! Again it was a more memorable surf not just because the waves were good but the locals were down watching us, tooting us from the shoreline, taking their own photos and by this stage Diablo was a ghost town again so it felt good that these people were interested in us and enjoyed us being there!!!

So now we are in the capital Montevideo, been here for a couple of nights, plenty of gorgeous plazas in the old city with its cobled streets but all in all it is just another big city plagued with the same annoyances as any other major place (dodgy/ripoff taxi drivers, dogs who need love urgently, crazy motorcyclists and pollution, pollution, pollution!!!) Today we organised our braziliaan visas, WOW! Now that was a mission or should i say inconvience, seriously could write a blog on this and it would be titled ¨The Chronicle Ordeals of the Braziliaan Visa¨! I am not going to dwell on the situation but if in uruguay and trying to process a visa DONT or i hope your fit and a good LIAR!!! So we are off to Florianopolis on the 17th going to be awesome, beach, sun, surf, bikinis.

Yes that is Duggo´s famous arm!!!
..  paradise i believe they call it!!! Love you all have a good one on me peace xx

fredbobsurfing says:
More photos are coming
Posted on: Apr 12, 2007
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Famous, made front pic on the loca…
Famous, made front pic on the loc…
When the busy season is over they …
When the busy season is over they…
Roadrunner, sticks always getting …
Roadrunner, sticks always getting…
About to get lipped in the head!!!
About to get lipped in the head!!!
Yes that is Duggo´s famous arm!!!
Yes that is Duggo´s famous arm!!!
Doubled handed stalls, the best ev…
Doubled handed stalls, the best e…
Hail to the kook!
Hail to the kook!
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