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Electrical Storm
Hey everyone, have arrived in colonia, Uruguay. Its a beautiful city steeped in rich post colonial history with decorative artisan architecture littering the strrets at every bend, long winding coble streets and food to die for.... Now this is what i should be writing but waking up in a timewarp and having absolutely no idea where you are is a scary experience when your brain finally starts functioning and you realise that everyone is speaking spanish, this isnt the place where i woke up last time and oh yeah i think im overseas, whoops. I know ill be laughing about this tomorrow but at the moment im starving do not know if this place is open late or if it is safe to walk around at 2am in the morning so wish me luck as im on a mission for glorious food food food, Love you all brendo 
BigT says:
The fact that you are staying in hostels and eating at McDonalds tells me everything I need to know about your negative write up on Uruguay. You are a dufus who can't afford to go in style with a budget that allows you to actually give a real review of the incredible food, art and lodging available in Montevideo.
Posted on: Apr 23, 2007
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Electrical Storm
Electrical Storm
Bangers struggles to climb fences …
Bangers struggles to climb fences…
This was portrait was done complet…
This was portrait was done comple…
Colourful La Boca
Colourful La Boca