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So i already know how lucky i am to be australian especially as a surfer we are often graced with majestical animals while in the surf; dophins, whales, seals and our beloved great whites but i have never surrfed with sea turtles, until now! It is mind blowing these cool little dudes are like birds in the waves so freakin hilarious then they pop up in the white wash and like all good surfers head back to the break for some more barrel time. You are all probably going whatever but you see heaps of them and they seem to get a rush out of catching some slabs, I LOVE THEM. Other new experiences include being separated from most of the boys, sadly duggo was robbed in Buenos aires lost all the essentials:, passport cash, flight tickets etc so is currently stranded with jim and mark there. However me and corey had left before this incident to uruguay and are now bunking up in this really cool town called Puntas Del Diablo. It is of the beaten track, got really good waves and the locals are awesome and lacking tourists, thank god!! It was fairly funny, we got dropped off in the middle of nowhere and had to hitch 5-10 kilometers down this dirt track to the town. Darkness was fast approaching, the mossies were closing in, we had no accomodation organised or knowledge that there was anywhere to sleep. So despartion started to creep in and we both began eyeing off this abandoned building, resemblance of a war torn villa after a German bomb raid, on the side of this field... Then our saviour came roaring around the corner in a pimped out four by four, coreys thumb was already out before i heard the engine and wham bam thankyou ma'm we were in the coastal town with a roof over a our heads, view of the surf and a cold beer in hand. So it all worked out and the next day our canadiaan boys, joel and evan, bestored their presence on us and till present we have been one happy family surfing with the sea turtles. Another new experience is that all the men here embrace each other rather passionately, kissing each other on the necks and stuff. Corey's keen eye picked this but it wasnt until we went to the local pub that it was thrusted upon us in a physical form. Now corey gets up walks down the street to the supermarket kisses five or six dudes then buys some milk returns home just to kiss another three dudes, he loves it!!! Another new experince happened today, this town has no bank or atms, travellers beware, so you have to catch a bus 1hour to chuy, line up in the bank with a ticketed number for another hour or so, wait 45mins for your bus home which now takes 2hours cause school has finished. So to withdraw money in this part of the woods takes a modest six hour mission, quite astounding compared with australian standards, and the bank system is so different to back home. Well that is it for now, will be staying for another week cause waves are good accomodation cheap as $7AUS a night so hope you all well, and more photo are on their way peace
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photo by: polvandenwirre