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Two towers full of office buildings, six floors full of shopping, one beautiful park - meant to be a city in a city.

Daily happenings, many. For me, it was rushing the traffic in and around, getting into the underground parking lot, finding a parking spot is itself a happening. Found one, got to get going into the towers either the lift or escalator. Walk right into the security pass with a work card (proud to have had that). Up the security check point, always felt like walking into an airport lounge waiting for my flight. Up, up, up and away thru the lifts to designated floor. Haaaaaaa, what a view.

Get into the work, always motivated. Coffee anyone? Pantry, nee, let's hit Starbucks, San Franciso, Boh tea and many choices, for a little break.

View of KLCC park from the Tower 1
Need to go to the bank, see a doctor, travel agent, walla walla walla everything is within the building. Hmmmmm... continue working, meetings in different floors, haaaaaaaaa again what a view! Continue work, hmmmm... lunch early or late? always a hard question, thinking about the thousands souls either working there or tourists flocking the shopping and sightseeing. Queing for lunch? hmmmm...stressful?

Ok, late lunch. Choices aplenty. Done. Good. Continue working. Meetings, yes. technical reviews, yes. OK, time out. Work finishes at 5pm. Time to go for a drink. Hmmm... Starbucks with a park and water fountain view? or Coffee in Kinokuniya Bookstore with a view and Studious people reading. Hmmm.. for a change let's hit the Mamak stalls. Good. Done. Back to work.

AAARRRGGHHH, traffic! ok, let's go home a little late. 9pm, good to go but ok, go for a drink, dudes. Beach club, Thai Club, Rum Jungle, Passion.........whew, too many choices, 3 minutes walking distance, with lots of exciting pubs, diners, discos, Gloria jeans, Anyone? Ok, let's just walk about and hit where the feet stops.

"Hey, guys, join us" - calls one company associates, "hey dudes, join us" - calls another contractor company associates......hmmmmm... well, ok here this time. Chits, chats, drinks, laughs, checking out chics, people from all walks of life, young and old, nuts and nerds...wow, amazing city, amazing people. Food anyone? hmmmmm.. mamak stall here, there? restaurants here, there? oh well, at 3.30am., let's just have nasi lemak ayam.

" Mamak, nasi lemak ayam satu", coca cola satu. The ones who are high with 'A-blood', either 'out-throws their gut and feel empty or too 'mentally-tired' to eat. Chit, chat, eat, rat-a-tat, bla bla bla bla bla bla.

 Ok, guys, time to hit home - GOD damn it, it's 5.30am. Good Lord, rush home. Shower, if time, a short nap, otherwise rush thru traffic to office.

Ok, guys, time to find the oil. With some having 'A-blood' and working hard, work went very motivatingly. Always creative.

Same routine starts again.  Did that for some time and now missing it.

Oh well, life goes on.

Oh, soon I will make a trip to Malaysia and can't wait to see my friends there, eat roti canai, nasi lemak, teh tarik and also visit Petronas twin towers where I can still go up to the Tower 1 as I have many friends there. It will be awesome. Always good to head back home and see familiar surroundings and lifestyle. It is going to be another homesick event. Bravo.


tvillingmarit says:
Have been visiting KL twice, and are going back in March. I love the city and the surroundings.
Posted on: Mar 02, 2009
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View of KLCC park from the Tower 1
View of KLCC park from the Tower 1
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The KLCC park with children playg…
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