Wrong Bus? Cliffs of Moher and Burren

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No decent night of sleep once again.    Actually it was a nightmare last night.  Some crazy high school (I think) girls were running and knocking and banging on every door, it seems like, in the hallway until the early morning.  I think everyone was so tired to get up and stop her. Finally had it with this insaneness, so got up to  strangle every one of these silly girls.  But they were no where to be found.  After some more episodes, finally stopped.  Thank goodness.

Anyhow, walked over to the travel center right by the bus station and got the ticket to take a tour, I can't even remember which one, hurriely made  where all these tour buses were lined up, someone directed me to some big bus.  After a while on the tour, I  realized I was not in the right bus. Oh well, what can I do?  Still enjoyed the tour very much!  Cliffs of Moher was astonishingly beautiful.  Reminded me of  Kauai. I wished we were given more time though, just didn't have sufficient time to walk one end of the cliff to the other, but close enough and soak up its beauty. Actually, I went further than I should have, had to run down like a crazy woman to make it the bus.  Was I sweating or what!  I was one of the last ones to arrive at the bus.  Close enough.    The weather was quite nice too, there was a short period of cloudiness and sprinkle, but it didn't last too long.  According to the driver, I guess it rained cats and dogs 2 weeks prior to, so felt very lucky that the weather was cooperating.  Anyhow,  didn't care too much about Burren.  The kind driver after learning my situation  suggested that I show up the following day for the tour I missed today since he was going to be the driver for that tour and just pay him minus 5 Euro instead of going through the tour agency.  I thought that was fair enough since someone directed me wrong. Of course, I was grateful... 

My two German roommates ended up taking the tour I missed today but through a different agency.  These girls were very specific on what wanted to see on their tour, which I really did not care for, anyhow except for that, it sounded like other aspect of the tour was not what they had anticipated, so they weren't too happy at the end.  I guess my mishap turned out in my benefit. 

People were really friendly at my hostel especially in the computer room, it was great having 5 computers.  We were all exchanging our stories and giving each other advices.   Since three of my 2 old roommates and another new roommate urge me to check out The KIllarney National Park-I love national parks, one can never go wrong ,  I decided to make a detour and go down south instead of going to Dublin directly.  This is the beauty of not buying things in advance, can make as many detours as I wish . It was such a fortunate thing for me to run into these girls since I didn't know too much about Ireland,  all I knew was I wanted to go to west for its beauty and Dublin.  Anyhow another very friendly girl who just came from Killarney told me more specific things about it which  helped me seal the deal.   After researching about the transportation and accomodation, decided to leave for Kerry right after the tour.  It was just perfect!



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