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Packed everything and left the hostel.   MY plan was to go buy the train or bus ticket (can't remember), buy breakfast, take the tour I didn't take yesterday, and  upon return, take off to Killarney, with one hour in between to spare.  What a plan, it couldn't have made any better.  Didn't realize a big surprise was waiting for me at the station.  Found out the schedule I got off the web last night did not coincide at all.  It was all wrong.  I basically had to choose between the tour or  Killarney today.  There was no buts about it.  Things were pretty complicated. Even I choose to stay and go on the tour, erasing Kerry off, I didn't have lodging.  There  was not sufficient  time to go back and secure another night's accomodation and make on time for the tour.  Plus being Friday did not make the situation any better, the front desk informed me the night before  it was a full house, but wouldn't know for sure until the mid morning.  Either way, I was screwed.  I can go to Killarney, erase the tour off-was this  someting I have to do?  Otherwise, I would lose a night's accomodation money in Killarney.  Tough choice.  I basically would have  to spend  an entire day to travel there because of bad connection.  There was really no good choice here.  On top of this it was raining and cold.   Decided to erase the tour and proceed to Killarney.  Since I had some time to kill, went into a Subway, of all the places, they had it in  Galway.  Amazing!  Need to get fueled up  pronto, I was on the verge of collapse from this mental stress and from no energy- have been consumming much less than my output since coming to Europe.  Didn't have my favorite, so ordered a Tuna sandwich, which I never eat , along with cocoa since it was so damp and ugly that day, which of course did not enhance  my mood.  I have to say  I HATE rainy and cloudy days.  Anyhow got to talk to this elderly lady, the only customer in the restrauant.  Was she delightful or what?  Learned so much about her life and the Irish health system.  Realized how messed up American health system is, of course I knew that, but upto what extent?  Since meeting people from other countries, I was really beginning to  see  America needs many reforms.  We "ain't" all that!  lol............... 

After an uneventful bus ride, we stopped at Limerick,  a town known for of Frank McCormack, for an hour or so.  Didn't have quite enough time to explore further out than around the station;found it be rather old, small and depressing.  I can imagine how it must have been when Mr. McCormack was little.  Anyhow, kinda glad I got to see it.  BTW, this is where many connections occured, so many buses and trains.  It was really hard to tell which bus went where, they were  not clearly indicated.  I think I bought  lunch here, can't remember since it has been so long...

After a few hours, finally arrived at my destination.  Was I tired or what.  Anyhow, the bus station was right at a mall, first of its kind I have seen  in Europe, felt nostalgic for home.  Since I left my super absorbent towel at the hostel in Galway, went into a store to buy such kind, too expensive, forget it.  Somehow have to survive without one for next 3 weeks or so. 

homeres says:
def agree wit ya on reforms in America, look where were heading into now..
Posted on: Mar 14, 2009
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