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Didn't sleep well, once again.  I am beyond exhaustion...

Anyhow, got up too early and left the hostel without their nutritious, wonderful breakfast.  Instead of taking the bus to the airport which I have a ticket for, purchased two days before, I took a train by mistake arriving at the airport way too early. What was I thinking! Ended up paying for the train ticket too, of course, there is no such thing as a  freebie.   Tried to get a refund for the bus fare in person, but  was told it has to been done by mail and  that I get only half back.   Not worth the trouble.  I guess  sleep deprivation was finally catching upto me.  

Since I had a choice of airports to fly out of when asked the hostel staff which one is the closest one, they all simply said they did not know, later on, found out the Stanstead was not the best choice.  I just don't know why some people just refuse to help with the simplest.

Anyhow, I was the only Asian on this flight.  What a contrast coming from London!  BTW, since there is a weight restriction on RyanAir on carry ons, I decided to leave London guide book and other finished books behind at the hostel.  So  I put small, heavy  items all on my fanny pack since it doesn't count as long as it is on the body or on the clothes worn.    Go figure this one out.

After the purchase of the airline ticket, I realized a little too late that I had only 5 minutes(if the plane arrives on time) to go through the customs and catch my bus to Galway from Shannon airport.  Otherwise, I have to wait like 7 hours for the next one.  So u can imagine how anxious I was. 

Finally arrived in Ireland, a dream destination.  It is indeed Emerald Isle... So green and serene.  Something I needed after the busy crowd in London. 

Anyhow, as soon as I dropped off the luggage, went out to explore.  Walked (got lost) over some bridge, which there were some small boats docked along the river-very much Kodak moments and to one church, I believe it was St. Nicholas Collegiate Church.  It was very nice both inside and outside.  Walked over to National University of Ireland, there were some modern buildings, but there was some solid brick buildings as well, which were covered with some sort of ivys with red flowers-very beautiful. I was trying to imagine how it would have been like to go to school here.  I also went through some streets and alleys where I found them to be very quaint and charming.  I kept imagining how it must be like to live in such a small town, where everyone knows everybody.  Because there r so many bars here, I kept coming across so many people in the street with alcohol breath.  It really did not matter what time of the day it was.  I guess this happens only in Ireland.  On the first day of exploration, I found myself lost at the end.  Ended up in some market, I always love to check out where locals shop, so ended up buying some food.  Found things to be more expensive than back home.  After asking so many times for the direction, found myself back to the hostel.

Met 2 college German girls who volunteered at Killarney National Park pulling dandelions for 2 weeks and 2 French girls, one practicing as a mid-wife in Ireland and another visiting her from France.  Found the mid-wife to be very opinionated and the the other girl to be very reserved, almost timid.  It was a good day for me.   


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photo by: AleksandraEa