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Kelapa Gading mall in preparation for Chinese New Year

I ended up just lounging at the JCO in Kelapa Gading. Got the iced latte and was not impressed (maybe I got the wrong order Abu?!) but the freebie glazed donut was good. The place was almost deserted making it the perfect spot to go autistic. I finally got the soft side of Elsa when we bonded after her work, how else? Shopping of course! and I ended up buying a pair of irresistably fancy shoes on sale (a bargain I can't get in Manila) The malls have everything here! and I am confident I will survive. She has promised to check out the fabulous looking Mall of Indonesia (like Mall of Asia?) on Saturday night.

I belong. Physically, I have found a country that people just look at me in passing, like a normal person. People dress the same, most are fashionable especially in the malls and several have hair color, making me no less different.

The only give away is when I start talking:-(

A mini Bahasa-English dictionary is helping me to get around a lot but the frustrating part is, though the natives understand me, when they respond in their usually fast rate of speech, I am a goner, and I end up saying 'berbicara english?' meaning 'speak english?'

Getting a simcard and discovering my mobile was not locked made me ecstatic, now I could text referrals and friends from the online sites. So I am moving to Liz my South African friend staying in South Jakarta on Sunday on top of meeting up with other online people and friends of friends.

Dinner last night was Satay ayam with sambal and white rice in one of the lengthy street food strips in Elsa's area. She lives in like a little China place.

The routine
The food was definitely worth it. My first time to see a cute sized bottle of Sprite similar to the size of our Coke 'sakto' in the Phils. Went home and struggled to watch through the local channels and ended up watching an American movie with Bahasa subtitles. That was inspiring but confusingly made me dizzy as I didn't know where to focus on and eventually got lost with the movie plot.

Was excited to wake up on my 2nd day with more sleep than the previous night. Bought real tasty looking bread from the local bakery we passed and saving it for my museum trips later, yum! Decided to ride with Elsa again to work so I can have my Dunkin donuts coffee and found out that that was actually the only size they got which was large, bursting the idea I had yesterday that their price was cheap for a small size.

Porridge for breakfast. Where are the 3 bears?
We took the mini car as usual and now trying to memorize which number to ride, what other modes of transport I could take, and how much for each. Info overload!

She had me try the porridge, another 'food street' as she calls it (street food) near her office, and sorry to my friends who have warned me about eating these without health insurance because my stomach digs it even back in Manila. My mantra: if a lot of people eat it daily, it must be safe! The porridge was a mixture of sorts of meat, veggies and rice crackers but was mighty filling. The vendor though was using his bare hands for sprinkling everything, something most people may not find appealing but probably made the dish tastier;-O

So here I am busy blogging, calling schools, and knowing 'kachil' ( a little) Bahasa, I do seem to be having short term memory as I keep on glancing at my list and dictionary again to remember the important words, at least my numbers are getting better. 

Elsa's uncle has just passed away and she will be going to the wake tonight. Hence, I am left on my own to tour around the city and finding my way home today. I kept on using my photographic memory earlier to memorize the 10 min snakelike small side streets that I have to walk home. I am not looking forward particularly to the 2 feet open wide canals left and right that I have to avoid in the dark areas whilst I dodge the motors later. Huhu! Especially after finding out that the canals are at least 6 feet deep! she did however comfort me with the fact that no one has drowned there before making me warn her to look for me there just in case I'm not home by the time she arrives. Hope I don't end up like Dorothy of Oz. Wish me luck!

ctjevans says:
good luck
Posted on: Jan 25, 2009
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Kelapa Gading mall in preparation …
Kelapa Gading mall in preparation…
The routine
The routine
Porridge for breakfast. Where are …
Porridge for breakfast. Where are…
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