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Demonstration of the Cu Chi Tunnels

Happy New Year!  After having a massive day yesterday having finished off our motorbike trip, gone to Vietnam Idol and celebrated NYE until the very early hours of the morning, VB and I managed a few hours of shut eye, only to be up and adam for a Cu Chi Tunnels tour.  Probably not the best thing to do on New Years Day whilst nursing hangovers, but trying to make the most of our time was the prevailing objective at this stage.  After treating ourselves to a greasy breakfast to dull the sensation of the previous nights after effects, we were off on another tourist duty.  Luckily we were on a tour bus so we could veg out on the bus journey out to the tunnels. 

When we got out to the tunnels, there were demonstrations and explanations of the various tunnels used during the way and we were amazed at how small the tunnel openings were in the ground and even more amazed when the very nimble and very slight soldiers, demonstrated how they would suddenly drop into the tunnels and effectively disappear.

Just like magic - the soldier disappears into the tiny hole in the ground
  Lucky most of the Vietnamese have very slight builds and can manage this easily.  There were also replicas of other warfare tools, booby traps, weapons etc which was quite sobering to hear how they were used.  We also had an opportunity to go down into one of the tunnels and to crawl along it to see what it would be like for the soldiers.  I decided to try this, and it was pitch black dark - you could not see anything in front of you and it was extremely claustrophobic and very tight in the tunnel - you literally had to squat and walk forward.  I could not believe how soldiers could have done this in situations where there would be pressure on them to move quickly with all their guns and equipment - makes you realise what good operators the soldiers are.

After the tour we relaxed back in our hotel for a bit before heading off to do some shopping and some more sightseeing around the city.  We loved all the beautiful French architecture in many of the buildings around the city centre and contrasted this to the bustling countless numbers of motorbikes, scooters, bicycles zooming around the city.

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Demonstration of the Cu Chi Tunnels
Demonstration of the Cu Chi Tunnels
Just like magic - the soldier disa…
Just like magic - the soldier dis…
Examples of booby traps used in th…
Examples of booby traps used in t…
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Ho Chi Minh sight seeing
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