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Merv, Reagan & Jordan

Hi Everyone, I write this as I am saddened by events which are happening in Australia at the moment. It makes me feel lucky that I have not been affected, but many have. In such stark contrast, the south of Australia is being savaged by bushfires, while the North has been drenched in flooding rains. The latest I’ve heard from the fires is that so far 173 people have been confirmed dead and many more missing or injured. And although he floods waters are starting to recede, the cleanup now begins.


Many people have been affected by these tragedies, not just in Australia but throughout the world. I thank who ever it is that watches over me and my family as we haven’t been affected, but my heart goes out to many more. I don’t even know if I am allowed to post such a thing on this Web Site, but I’m sure I will be asked to remove it if I’m not allowed.


I don’t really care what or who started the fires in the south, if that is what happened but it was intensified by the soaring heat and the floods in the north have been devastating, this is nature at it’s worst… when it affects humans, which it has done on many occasions to many parts of the world. I am posting at the end of this blog two Web Sites where if you feel the need you can donate money to help the Appeal for those who will need it to re-build their towns, houses and their lives after all this. I also urge you to pass this blog entry on to your friends on this community and others… Australia needs your help!


The picture I have included in this blog is of me and my two children; they currently live with their mother Trish, who many of you know as PMS70 from TB in the Netherlands. I may live on the other side of the world to them for now and God knows I could use donations to get me back in my children’s lives, but at least they are safe and unaffected by the Australian tragedies’ at the moment and they still have me in their lives. Other Australians have lost everything including their loved ones. Please help the Appeals if you can!




UPDATE: There have now been 200 people confirmed dead, but authorities are still sifting through ashes in hope to identify more missing people. There is an alleged arsonist now in custody being accused of lighting some of the bushfires, may justice prevail!

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Merv, Reagan & Jordan
Merv, Reagan & Jordan